World’s Most Expensive Chocolates


World’s most loved sweet treat chocolates are inevitable. For years chocolates have been made and admired, some have an exceptional quality and with that comes an over the top price.Here are some of the world’s most expensive chocolates.

La Madeline Truffe by Knipschildt- 1,85,773 INR per pound

Having a base of world’s best Valrhona dark chocolate, Knipschildt’s La Madeline Truffe has been labelled as the world’s most expensive chocolate by Forbes magazine. Perigourd black truffle which is a very rare French mushroom is coated with chocolate and stuffed inside chocolate truffle and then rolled in fine cocoa powder. For the final oomph element, the chocolate is packed in a box of sugar pearls before it is presented to the buyers. This luxury chocolate with a shelf life of 7 days can be ordered online 14 days in advance.

World’s Most Expensive Chocolates.

Noka Vintages Collection-61,020 INR per pound.

Noka is a Texas based company that specialises n gourmet and chocolate gifts. They use chocolates sourced from Venezuela, Trinidad, The Ivory Coast and Ecuador. Noka has been chosen as the best American chocolate by an authorised taste testing panel. In 2000 Forbes magazine listed Noka in its list of most expensive chocolates.For some reasons, Noka went out of business in 2011, but the company achieved something exceptionally remarkable in its comparatively short life span.

Cadbury Wispa Gold- 1, 19,842 INR per pound

Launched back in 1981 this particular chocolate was run for a trial purpose and introduced globally in 1983. The ingredients are contrary to the name being aerated ilk and caramel. The bar is covered in gold and the wrapper is leafed too. Cadbury is not usually associated with lavishness and luxurious chocolates but this was an out of the box venture of the company.

World’s Most Expensive Chocolates.

De Lafée of Switzerland – 36,177 INR per pound

De Lafée’s box of gold chocolates set a milestone after being selected to be distributed to the Oscar nominees in 2006 that is just after an year of their existence in the market. The company’s idea was to create highly specialised and customised gourmet products using 24 karat edible gold. With its top knotch quality and luxurious range , this Switzerland based brand has raised the bars. The chocolate pack comes with collectible gold coins dating back to 1910-20 from the Swiss Central bank.

World’s Most Expensive Chocolates.

House of Grauer’s Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates

House of Grauer’s is not a chocolate manufacturer but it retailed some of the world’s best handmade chocolates to compliment its world class cigars. This Geneva based cigar lounge offered 100% handmade chocolates made in Switzerland with the finest cocoa available. These chocolates paired best with the cigars and enhanced the whole smoking experience by adding a bunch of unexpected flavours’ and a subtle aroma. The chocolates were moulded into cigar shape for the final dash.

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