Women & Sex : Myths Busted


Myths about women and their sexuality continue to exist in full bloom. Loose fabrications, persistent half truths have always been put in places of facts. Well let us bring to light women & sex : myths busted.

Women are best suited to sexual Monogamy

Excuse me what are we living in is it 2020? Why is it alright for men to taste all the spices and variety of life and women to be contented with just the same meal everyday. A research conducted by the canadian government in the year 2012 determined that women get easily bored of a monogamous sexual relationship.

Women & Sex Myths Busted

It’s a widely held belief that monogamy comes more naturally to women than it does to men. A lot of people stick to a narrative that the sexes are just “wired” differently. Women having evolved to be monogamous and men to be promiscuous.Well we really do not know about the wiring, but it is time that we made peace with the fact that a women might have as many sexual partners as she wants.

Women who have a sexual drive are easy

Nobody has a right to a tag a women with the word “easy”. Without even giving it a  second thought we as a society  feel comfortable to subject a  woman to character assassination. The reason being she is just being clear about what she wants.

Phrases like “She was asking for it, what a whore man, she is bloody slut” I think we are all familiar with these. To put it in another way, she had just worn whatever she pleased and  I could’nt keep it in my pants, she was just too confident and i could”nt handle that, she got laid with someone other than me and my shitty male ego didn’t see that coming.

Women & Sex Myths Busted

There is literally no point of discussing the word opinions here. But here’s a  peice of advice go get a life and also a perspective. No woman is easy! Consent is the thing of utmost importance.

Orgasms do not make a woman fall in love with you !

A woman’s body is like a violin and all, and that it takes a terrific musician to play it right, but that does not mean we ll fall in love with each and everyone of them. Orgasms do release oxytocin also called “the cuddle drug” or “the love hormone”.

Women & Sex Myths Busted

It’s possible that orgasm and maybe hugging cause the release of oxytocin in various places in the brain. There’s no evidence that oxytocin released into the brain has any effect on behavior in humans. So this is one of the  women & sex myths busted. To repeat, oxytocin release does’nt mean that a woman will let her guard down and fall in love with you.

Casual Sex is’nt a Big deal

Women also  engage in casual sex, while maintaining healthy practices and  tend to have higher self-worth. There are wounded souls and damaged goods on both sides of the gender aisle but to assume a woman is “broken” on the basis of expression of her sexuality is’nt ethical. Women are allowed to have their share of fun unquestionably.

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