Why Housewife Is Important


Just Imagine working straight for 365 days without a holiday, given no salary, no allowance, or any other benefit. That is the sacrifice a woman makes when she chooses to be a housewife.

What does being a housewife actually mean, do any of us even know that. Urban dictionary says,”A Housewife is a woman who has chosen to not work outside the home for money, but rather devotes all time, energy and love into creating a warm abode for her family to grow and thrive.”

Why do we not respect what sacrifice a woman makes to let her family experience the quality life. Its high time we need to change our perception. If not our mentality we need to stop depending on them.

Here are reasons why housewives are so important

One Man Army

All our women are a one man army. In corporate offices you work with a team but housewives work alone. Starting from household chores to being the emotional backbone of the family they do it all by themselves.

Selfless Heart

A woman works selflessly.The only thing she craves for I love from her family. Each and every thing she does is out endless love and care. The rhetoric of selflessness has always been preached  to women.

Family Pillar

Behind every successful man is a woman. I would say behind each and every successful person there is a woman.A woman who loved your dreams more than hers, a woman who stood by you the time you gave up. That rock strong support system which holds everything together is a woman.

why housewife is so important

Relentless  Worker

Each and every housewife works 24*7  without a break. The only off they get is a family holiday and even then its like a work holiday. A woman is generous enough to give up all her personal interests and work non stop to just help her family.

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