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When words fail, art speaks- Meet Deepika Seekhon, painting the world with her own colors


Her journey has its own ups and downs but being a strong woman took up all the challenges and made a mask for herself. Meet Deepika Sekhon, aesthete and stigmatophile,

Something very specific about Deepika’s art.

I have great passion for water based painting, through my paintings I express my happiness.

Your thoughts on contemporary art.

It is the art of today. It portrays mass culture. As it is globally influenced it is helping various artists to come under one roof.

If you were a new addition to crayon box what color would you be.

I would love to be a combination Red, Yellow, Orange color, as they depict warmth, love and vibrance which is similar to my personality.

Your favourite medium of color.

Water-based colors

Most rewarding moment of your career.

My rewarding moment was when I had put up my first exhibition. When I was in class 9th, it was a breakthrough for me.

What inspired you to learn tattoos?

Being an artist, this was another form of art that really fascinated me.

What gives your work the Deepika touch?

The love that I have for nature shows in my work.

Can you give yourself one word for each:-

Daughter- Caring

Sister- Friend

Wife- Companion, as a

Mother- Guiding Force, as

Daughter-in-law- Respectful

Friend- Trustworthy

Artist- Passionate

If you have to get a tattoo where and what would it be

On my back and I want a pair of wings which signifies that I want to fly high and achieve my goals in life.

Your favourite piece of art and memory related to it and give one word for your art.

A painting of Lord Ganesha that I made for my parents and it really holds a special place in my heart. One word I would like to give to it is faith.

Quick Questions

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received– My kids

Top three things on your bucket list– Bungee jumping, sky diving and world tour

If your life was a song what would the title be– Never gonna give up- Rick Astley

What’s one cause that’s dear to your heart– Working for cancer patients

What is the skill unmastered– To control my emotion

Favourite place to be– Swiss Alps

What chore do you hate doing– Dusting as I am allergic

Favourite fashion trends of all time– A short black sexy dress

If you could master one instrument what would it be– Guitar

One thing you can’t live without– My phone

Your favourite cuisine– Chinese

Chocolate or caramel– chocolate

Smile or eyes– eyes

Black or peach– Black

Ethnic wear or casuals– Casuals

Travel or shopping– Shopping anytime

Mocktails or cocktails– Cocktails

Italian or Thai (cuisine)- Italian


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