What Is love


What is Love,  For me, a 15 year old what could love be, Just sneaking out with a guy (say X )  and having slight make out sessions. Those days talking to guys was cool and having a boyfriend was way cooler. Desperate me wanted a boyfriend and thus ended up proposing someone who I dint even know properly.

Well nothing much happened and the apparent relationship I had been in was called of by my partner on my birthday. Just because it was the first time I had broken up it was  harsh on me. Though it shouldn’t have been  that hard but it still hit me.

What Is love

That was when true love happened. NO not that guy. I started meeting a classmate of ours (say Z) and eventually started spending a lot of time together and if not not together on phone. I used to feel completely in my zone with Z. A person who was non judgmental throughout and participated in all my weirdness.

The only person with whom I could let go off my cage and open up was him. This one guy was my world. So was I for him. He left literally no way to make me feel special. Every moment together was undoubtedly made memorable. That was the amount of effort we put in creating this beautiful relationship that we had with each other.

And then out of thin air X returns feeling dizzy and to be  honest I lost it at him. Z cooled me down and then for  year it went like that casual meetings and stuff. then just one fine day he comes up proposing me I say yes of-course. Things went on pretty well just when he breaks to me he had to leave next week for London.

What Is love

I was doomed.The thought of his departure ate me up.I could not help thinking of doing anything. I was so dependent on him. But this is destiny if not today we would have to separate tomorrow. After spending the whole week together I couldn’t gather the courage to go see him off and just did a good bye call. But this guy came right by my window to see me for one last time.

Then began the real challenge. There was a sudden slump in life. The worst part was there was no end to this. I never knew when was I going to see him again. Will things be the same or are we going to loose it to distance. Initially yess the days were tough, nights even more restless but at the end of each day a little text would also make things better.

Its been eight years since that happened and today again I see that guy standing right by my window. We survived eight years of being in a long distance relationship.  It was hard, ignored texts, different time zones, busy work schedules, unanswered calls, lots of fights, years of trying and persistently not giving up on each other.

I guess now I know What is Love?

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