What if friends were in Quarantine? 


Let us all take a moment to thank the American entertainment industry. They have probably given us the most relatable epic entertainment TV show. Yeah baby we are talking of F.R.I.E.N.D.S  here. What if friends were in Quarantine? What would the characters do?

Clean it all Monica

If Monica witnessed quarantine she could sure have cleaned up her mystery mess room. Leaving aside the apartment cleaning. She might have taken over to Joey & Chandler’s apartment by now. Once that is done away with she would have just moved on to doing Ross’s and Phoebe’s apartment.

Monica is the ideal kid all of our mum’s could have asked for! A classic Chef, so perfectly organised and above all the clean freak freak that she is. A splendid host who would just keep on cooking.

Snuggled Up Joey

Joey would have been the most obedient civilian and like most of us who just booked the comfy corners. Joey would have just followed the government orders. A typical joe -chan quarantine moment is what we all netflix and chill people can relate to.

What if friends were in Quarantine? 

Fuming Ross

Apparently Ross can’t live without his friends. Quarantine would have half killed him  watching all his friends and his love meeting at his sisters place. Ross’s quarantine would have been mostly like those left out members of a group. Sitting and watching his friends together having fun would have had him annoyed.

What if friends were in Quarantine? 

Berserking Chandler

Our favourite sarcaster would have continued to slay like always. Self doubt and uncertainty must have had taken over by now.Chandler would work from home. This would bring no clarification to the other friends as to what his job actually is.


Phoebe would have been the entertainer in chief. The guitar player coming up with her corona virus songs and also narrating all of her past life incidents. Just like our dads narrating their childhood stories.

Fashionista Rachel

Rachel would have continued to be the fashionista that she is. We can definately imagine her setting up quarantine looks for different chores; Dressing up for doing the chores is sure a rachel thing to do.

Walking into the grocery store like.

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