What a Man Expects from a Woman in Bed?


Sigmund Freud once referred female sexuality as a ‘dark continent.’ If it holds true, then a man would certainly fantasize to probe deeper into that hither to unexplored territory for exploring ‘sex’ to the fullest. However, what many women fail to realize is the fact their men are not those horny animals who are ready to pounce upon them at the snap of their fingers! Rather, they are required to be seduced as well.

Looking to explore some new territories of sex with your man?

Here are a few expectations, which every man secretly craves from his woman

To be Turned On –
Why should a man make the first move always? Just like a woman, a man wants to be seduced as well. He, too, wants to feel that he is desired by his woman. Initiating sexual intimacy sends the message to a man that his woman wants it, which provides him with a discernible confidence boost.

Growls of Pleasure Should Be Heard –
Hearing their sex-mates growl and scream in pleasure is almost every man’s dormant fantasy. During sexual intercourse, the moaning and groaning of a woman makes a man reach the crescendo of excitement. A growling sound is truly erotic and every man loves to hear it while making out.

He Wants an Active Participant –
A man prefers having sex with a woman who can actively partake in the game of pleasure. During sex, a woman should squeeze her man’s arms, pull her man’s body closer to hers, lick his different body parts, grind her hips, or flex her PC muscles to denote that she’s craving it like a horny-wild lioness.

Different Postures are Mandatory –
That same-old sexual postures can really piss a man off ! He wants to be an explorer in bed, and secretly, at the bottom of his heart, he wants his woman to delve in as well.

Visual Stimulation is Important –
A man wants to be eyeful during the act of sexual intercourse. Any sexual posture can get benefitted from a well-placed, huge mirror where a man will acquire the entire view of the sexual act. This is highly arousing for both a man and a woman.

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