Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional


Depending on the theme of your wedding you can choose the theme of your cake a basic harmony is what is required in the whole seen. People think that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would give them good luck because the wedding cake symbolizes happiness and good life.  So how fancy do you want yours to be. Wedding Cakes in a way not so traditional.

Floral  Cake

This kind of cake goes well almost every kind of decor. A very classic appeal topped with dramatically  beautiful flowers takes it to a whole new level. You can either go in for a naked cakes topped of with flowers or an iced cake with floral decor both are in. The choice of flowers also makes a difference. Edible gumpaste flowers or  natural flowers the choice is yours.

Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional

Geode Cakes

A geode cake is a cake with a large carved indentation filled with beautiful blue crystal candies.The edible geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy, and then crafted within a fondant-covered cavern encircled with multicolored modeling chocolate to create the look of stone.

Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional


Laced Cakes

Laced cakes are a very elegant option to go with. Intricate motifs and choice of good colours can give a very vintage as well as utterly beautiful look to the cake.

Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional

Geometric Cakes

If you are going in for a more contemporary theme, this cake is your pick. The subtlety of colours is complemented by the edgy designs. Hexagons, triangles and squares incorporated with usual round cakes and a  touch of gold add a  more luxe look. Minimalistic metallic elements will give your cake that plush effect.

Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional

Royal Cakes

The grandeur of these wedding cakes is unmatchable. A lot of layering and a very simple elegant design is what forms the base of a royal wedding cake. For someone who like everything glammed up royal cakes are the pick. That extravagant touch to very niche wedding can be added with this sort of cakes.

Wedding Cakes In A Way Not So Traditional


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