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Vidhu Malik: This Visualizer’s Work Imbues Magic and Personality into Spaces


A visual artist with a minimal-yet-elegant and modern philosophy to design, Vidhu Malik began her career as an architect and took a deep dive into another visual art of interior and furniture designing.

She emphasizes the need to extensively research each client’s preference, style and psyche and to stay acutely in tune with the trends that affect how people live, work, play and heal. How else do you translate people’s vision into reality? How else do you bring personality and breathe life into a brick and mortar space?

A practising architect since 2003, Vidhu believes her initial years were rather easy and seamless being married to an architect with a good running practice. But interiors and design have always been in etched in her every grain. So, after focussing solely on architecture for these 10 initial years, she decided to pursue her love for interior and furniture design. She is one of the most sought-after designers in the city. She runs a design studio, Bottega 9, in Mohali with a motto of making luxe interiors accessible.

Through Bottega 9, Vidhu strives for excellence and works relentlessly to create luxurious interiors that are unique, cosy, warm and reflect the client’s individuality, personality and values. She has designed several home and office spaces.

“Today’s employers want to craft unique, authentic and frictionless employee experiences. With the physical work environment playing a critical role in achieving this, they seek designs that inspire, foster creativity and collaboration, and radiate positivity and happiness.”

Vidhu Malik

Vidhu facilitates her corporate clients to elevate their employee experiences through her modern interactive office designs combining next-gen building layouts, ample collaborative and open spaces, warm lobbies and informal spaces with clean lines and minimal fuss.

“As far as home requirements go, clients today are much more aware. A vast majority of them come armed with research and have the highest levels of clarity in their vision. They seek sleek and clean designs… No bling, only functional luxury and flexible spaces that can be transformed into multiple forms and put to multiple uses. Today, we need to use our technical knowledge to create magic and bring the client’s vision and design aspirations to life.”

Vidhu Malik

Her passion to convey eloquent stories through her work empowers Vidhu to crack even the toughest client requirements with ease. Fastidious about fine details and driven to personalize every space to make it lively, Vidhu adds a curated selection of art, artefacts, lighting and accessories to make the space look picture perfect.

Vidhu’s designs have a unique transitional style, combining complex classic patterns with simple modernistic elegance with a dash of colour… An ode to the past and the traditional, perfectly contemporary, yet future-ready!

She has seen a fair share of failures and challenges…

Vidhu Malik

“The real grind started when we started the furniture workshop at Bottega 9. With commitment, good execution and timely delivery as our motto, we went through a lot of ups and downs in the process. We are still working hard to achieve our goals.”

To counter all and any stress, she makes it a point to meditate, express gratitude and set intentions every morning. Being her own biggest competition and critic, she strives towards improvement every single day. But does not let her failures bog her down and forgives herself for yesterday’s mistakes to give her 100% today!

Wishing her the very best to scale newer and greater heights!


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