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Tulika Heer


True to her roots, Tulika’s designs capture the ethos of Punjab.

For Tulika Heer, designing very traditional Punjabi clothing is not just a passion but her way of paying tribute to the incredible ethos that is the legacy of Punjab. She hopes each of her outfits are considered timeless and graceful enough to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Such a unique name – Saggi Phull, tell us what it means and how it is symbolic for you.

The Saggi Phull is an ancient Punjabi ornament worn on the head to hold the dupatta or phulkari in place. It is very central to the culture of Punjab and dates back many centuries.

I love the name and it’s very significant to my values and my love for the heritage of Punjab. This piece of jewelry is a precious heirloom that is handed down  from one generation to the next as a token to carry a family’s legacy forward. Similarly, my hope is that each of the unique pieces I create are cherished across generations and that there is a certain pride attached to the process of passing them on from mother to daughter. In a sense my work is my tribute to the immense gratitude I feel towards this beautiful ethos that surrounds Punjab. Therefore, the name Saggi Phull.

What are some of the themes that are central to your design ethic?

I am tremendously fond of suits. To be able to do justice to this outfit is most definitely of great importance to me. My niche is very traditional clothing and we focus on intricate embroideries and old world motifs. Through my experience I’ve come to realize how crucial the intricacies of handling various fabrics is. For me the real satisfaction comes when the older generations of ladies appreciate the work I do. Their acceptance and compliments are what really keep me going! If I can appeal to their aesthetic then I know I’m on the right track. Through my outfits, I love telling stories that are unique and compelling.

Who are the people who have been some of your biggest supporters through your journey?

While growing up I had a lot of support and encouragement from my family. They saw the skill and passion I had for this craft and made sure to cheer me on. My parents have played such a crucial role in recognizing my talents and guiding my energies towards turning this hobby of mine into a career. A tremendous amount of credit goes to my husband whose paved the way for making my dreams come true. I have super supportive in-laws who’ve always shown a keen interest and appreciation for my work.



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