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Tri City’s top notch Dermatologist DR. Geetika Paul


Life is always what we make of it. It’s those little moments that make a difference. And when it comes to women we take pride in celebrating these little moments. Being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother we put forward our best selves. Not just that that fervour to hustle professionally is what makes us stand out. Tri City’s top notch Dermatologist DR. Geetika Paul is a force to reckon with.

Please tell us a little bout your journey, how did you choose dermatology, Was  it all pre planned?

belonging to a family of doctors I was always keen about pursuing the  medical profession.Having faced a lot of Skin problems during my childhood,the only doctor I visited other than the Child specialist was the Skin Doctor. I had this fascination for the feild of aesthetics and dermatology because it made people look better and the rest is history.

When and how did you start geetika’s skin and cosmetic surgery clinic?

I have been a derma specialist for almost eleven years now. I opened my own clinic in Mohali 5 years back. They say nothing comes easy in life its always the hustle that counts. Just like that it took a lot of international training, innumerable work and years of hard work to stand here.

Apart from that procuring quality equipment from all over the world was a huge task in itself. The only aim was to set up the most advanced and one of its kind dermatology clinic. It’s not done yet, we are open to all sorts of new technologies and advanced laser procedures.


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How does our diet impact the health of our skin?

Whatever we eat shows on our skin. Your skin is a mirror for your health. For a healthy skin you need to have a balanced diet. An adequate amount of Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals are inevitable. A healthy diet leads to a body detox which in turn gives you a glowing skin. I always advice my patients to have a fruit bowl or salad once a day. Another tip is to stay well hydrated.

What was the driving force behind your journey?

My love for dermatology and aesthetic medicine keeps pushing me to learn more and more & just excel in my work. The driving force has been the fervour to follow my passion wholeheartedly. I believe that’s the bottom line, I love what I do.

How has your family contributed to your career choice?

Would say I have rather been blessed with such a wonderful and supportive family. Being from a liberal background I was give the liberty to choose what I wanted from life. After  made my choice I gave everything it  takes.

Geetika Paul

What are the skincare treatments that you specialise in?

We offer a whole range of skin, hair and nail treatments. We specialise in Chemical peels,skin polishing, laser toning, hydrafacial and other skin rejuvenating treatments. Advanced facelift treatments like vampire facelift,botox, fillers,  thread facelift along with the option of surgical facelift  are available.

The lasers used for scar treatment are the most advanced tech available in the feild.When it comes to hair we offer both laser hair removal and hair loss treatment. We use a lot of skin refining techniques, procedures& when it comes to  aesthetic medicine, our approach is more about combining treatments.

What is  your daily  skin care routine?

I religiously follow a set skin care routine & I advice all my patients to do the same. My day care regime includes cleansing toning a vitamin based cream followed by  a moisturiser & a sunscreen. My Night skincare regime has an exfoliating & rejuvenating cream for sure owing to its perfect anti aging properties.

A quote you live by?

Follow your passion, let success follow you.

What inspired you to stay determined?

There’s nothing more satisfying than a happy client. Sometimes the little changes that our treatments bring about actually mean a lot to them. That slight change might channel a whole lot of self confidence. This is what helps to push further and just keep refining the way I work.

Who are your role models?

I have always been inspired by women entrepreneurs. Seeing women excelling in their fields and slaying everyday. Truth be told there’s no limit to what we as women can achieve.

Geetika Paul

5  basic skin care tips

Moisturize Daily

Always wear a sunscreen

Use Vitamin C Serum

Stay well hydrated

Use a night cream that best fits your skin

An advice for someone with an oily skin.

For someone with an oily skin its inevitable to use the right cleanser preferably with valigitic acid.  Heavy makeup and cold creams are a big no, try using water based moisturizers.

People with oily skin are prone to develop acne make sure to seek advice at the right time to avoid scarring.

A message for our readers.

Aging is a fact of life, Looking your age is not


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