Things To Never Do Even In The Name of Love

Things To Never Do Even In The Name of Love

They say love is the essence of life and the most beautiful part of any relationship.You can not really imagine a relationship without love. It is just a perfect combination of friendship, two individuals understanding each other and respecting different point of views. There are things we do in love but there might as well be some that we should not. Well here are Things To Never Do Even In The Name of Love

Never settle for less

Loving someone does not mean you lose the sense of wrong and right. Do not lower your standards. If you have been in an unhealthy relationship you must have the courage to get out of it and stand up for yourself. You should never blame yourself if your partner has been a bad influence. It is’nt the end of life, therefore buck up and start afresh. You must know what you are worth of and should never settle for less. Being in love does not mean you will keep on compromising yourself for the wrong kind of people.

Do something you are uncomfortable doing

Do not ever let your partner trick you into doing something you are not willing to do. Someone who is actually in love with you won’t bother you to do something you do want to do be it being intimate or giving up your career. The person would be happy to make peace with the fact that how much efforts have you invested to take your relationship to that next level and will not want to ruin something so beautiful. Your peace of mind and ease of life must be your partner’s priority.

 Be Someone You Are Not

Being in love is beautiful agreed but changing yourself for someone you love its not. Someone who is to fall in love with you must fall  in love with your true self. If you have to change, change the person, who are we kidding girls there are 7.7 billion men out there. Do not give a guy the authority to tell you to lose weight, wear less of makeup, not go out with your friends or just not wear that pretty black dress. You are a strong and independent woman who shouldn’t be told what to do and what not to. This  definately is one of the Things To Never Do Even In The Name of Love.

Tieing a Wedlock

Getting married is not always the next step for your relationship. You have to be mentally prepared for being married and starting a family. No doubt your partner will back you up and be a great emotional support but are you ready for it financially or professionally is the question. Ask yourself this before you actually think of getting married. Above all love is not enough for a healthy marriage.The truth of the matter is that love only works when it is combined with a bunch of other factors to make it grow; like respect, humility, compatibility and commitment. Relationships based on the feelings of love alone crumble, in other words love can’t stand on its own, and love does not always equal happily ever after.

Do not give up on your dreams

Years of hard work and struggle has got you where you are. Giving it all up for someone who does not understand what your dreams mean to you is’nt worth it. Choose to be with someone who appreciates your ambitions and stand by you while you are on your way to achieve them. It is your life and you must not let anyone take that away from you. If your partner is not supportive of your dreams or your career it’s time to move on. Wait for someone who takes pride in what you are doing and encourages you.


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