The Worst Types of Men to date


We all see dating differently. Relationship status is a personal choice but being with the wrong person is something that can be avoided. Here are the worst types of men women should avoid dating.

The One Who Needs Baby Sitting

A man  who simply refuses to grow up is the one who needs baby sitting. Someone who can’t get together any of his actions.The way he functions is very irresponsible and the only way to get along with such a person is you will have to baby sit him. At a certain point of time this type of men refuse to even try they give up all hope and so will you.

Worst Types of Men

The Monopolizer

The basic deal of a relationship is about two people being together. But a monopolizer dominates you.Such a person has no tendency to adjust. He will want you to get anything and everything approved of him. With an over protective approach, such a man will want to control you.

The One Who Lacks ambition

An eager beaver is the right choice. His zeal to fulfill his dreams will act as a motivation.You will both want to be successful and build a legacy. Whereas the one who lacks ambition will be lazy. There is nothing wrong with someone  overly ambitious only if he is ready to put in that extra effort required.

Worst Types of Men

The Playboy

A playboy will put you  on the edge every now and then because you won’t be the only one in his life. With an uncertain future, this kind of a relationship is most likely to not work out. There is no clarity at all. Such men are not satisfied with one women, they go around flirting and trying to take a shot whenever someone better comes their way.

The worst types of Men to date

“I Am The Best” Type

this type of a person is a narcissist  who seems to have excessive interest in himself. Such a person makes everything about himself. He will never take any criticism on his looks in a positive way. He will always be a vague person who will do things that keep his ego satisfied.

The Invisible Man

In terms of availability and emotional support such a guy will never be there for you. He will always take you for granted and is likely to not be around when needed the most.You have to wait for hours or may be days to even speak to him. The things might get worse as the relationship grows.

Worst Types of Men

The – “I just want to get laid” type.

Always pay attention to how the behavior of a man changes post sex. If the man is non serious, post sex he might not be very much into you. If he truly cares for you, his good behavior tends to grow stronger overshadowing the negative traits.

Worst Types of Men





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