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“The heart of the father is a Masterpiece of nature .”Jagjit Singh Walia

Jagjit Singh Walia

“ Of all the tittles I’ve been privileged to have DAD has always been the best “ says Jagjit Singh Walia.

“The heart of the father is a Masterpiece of nature .”

“The toughest part about the recent corona lockdown was the fact that I could not come home and hug my daughter, “ says Superintendent of police (SP-Investigation), Punjab Police, Jagjit Singh Walia.

Since this single father was the Covid-19 nodal officer, he had to come home and self isolate every day, post his duty. While most families and fathers have been blessed to spend more time with their loved ones in the lockdown, the brave servicemen of our country and their families have had to make a lot of sacrifices.

Mr Walia lost his wife in 2012, when his daughter was just 2 years old. Since then he has been raising his daughter single handedly as a devoted father. Unlike most fathers, this single father has no fixed work timings, his job profile does not allow that. “ I start work at 9 in the morning and we don’t really have a fixed time to leave,”, says the busy dad.

So, how did you manage to raise a toddler?

“I am blessed to have my mother by my side, she takes care of my 9 year old daughter’s day-to-day needs. My niece helps out with my daughter quite a bit. I have a household staff at home and honestly, it takes a village to raise a kid. So, I am very thankful to have this help.” says police officer Walia.

He comes home from work and helps out with his child’s homework. He is in constant touch with the school teachers, who have been a huge support since his wife passed away.
“My colleagues and department have been supportive in every way. I could not have managed this without the immense love and support that I have received. I am very thankful to god,” says an emotional Jagjit Singh Walia.

‘No other love in the world is like the love of a father has for his little girl’

“We like to go watch children’s movies. I only go for movies with her. Recently, she made a lovely cake for me. My daughter is a sensitive girl, she likes to do small things and those sweet gestures overwhelm my heart,” says a beaming father. So, is she a daddy’s girl? Mr Walia says, “I would say the opposite, I am a daughter’s daddy!!”

Being a single parent comes with its own gamuts of challenges. The biggest challenge he faced was how to maintain that balance of being a friend and a disciplinarian. After all, he had to play both the roles as a single father.

Since his work profile involves dealing with major crimes on a daily basis, he had to leave his work life out, when he came back home. He says he doesn’t want to bring negativity around his child. He endears to be polite and not be a looming authoritative figure.

So, what are your dreams and hopes for your daughter?

“I have been blessed. My daughter is already so understanding. I can see her learning dedication, integrity and a sense of duty to the country. I can see how proud she is when I am invited as the guest of honor at her school. When anyone asks her what does she want to be she grows up, she days she wants to be in the police. I feel proud and this is the legacy I want to leave behind,” says this hero.

For single father Jagjit Singh Walia, the journey has been challenging yet rewarding.This father-daughter duo shares an enviable bond and their love only grows stronger with time.

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