The Endless Blue Ocean

The Endless Blue Ocean

People say it’s eerie and frightening.
Filled with dangerous monsters and mysterious creatures lurking around.
currents that shall take your sins with you and darkness darker than the devil’s soul. But for me it’s completely different.
For me, strangely enough, ocean let’s me breathe, it makes me live. Dissolving my cries into the icy cold water, helps me overcome my anger by drowning the sound of my rage in those waves. I’ve always felt so close to this endless blue ocean. The sparkling water. Oh what a beautiful sight it is! The way it seems to kiss the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.

The sparkling water which reminds me of those good old memories. The good old times. And then there are those waves. They remind me of my dreadful past, my sins, my miscalculations. And I somehow find peace in that too. Just thinking about it. And yet again, that soothing voice from somewhere far away whispers. Just enough for me to hear it say, “swallow your pain, your fears and your inhibitions like I swallow everything that dares enter my realm. Either swallow it, or drown it in me with you.”

Ashita vohra


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  1. AAAAA beautiful piece by a beautiful girl I cannot oooooo

  2. Wow this is a whole new sight and vision. Loved it totally.

  3. Great…God Bless…

  4. Well said!

  5. Awesome

  6. Great…God Bless…I believe he has still many plans for ur life , Love and light , YourAstroFriend Rohit

  7. Very nice

  8. Beautifully written, loved how you expressed your feelings❤️

  9. Ashita … beautifully portrayed blue ocean .. each word ….resonates the real power of aqua world … to bring calmness in turbulence .. soo … proud of you dear 😍

  10. Very beautifully expressed. God bless you

  11. Nice but too deep thoughts for ur age

  12. Beautifully written

  13. wow Ashita…I am impressed

  14. Beautifuly written.

  15. Simply beautiful !

  16. Beautifully written !

  17. very nice !

  18. Beautifully written god bless youjagjit

  19. Beautifully written god bless you

  20. Love the way ur thoughts are blossoming Ashita. God bless u. Way to go girl !!

  21. Very rarely, a person can deeply introspect her own deep ocean. You did it expressing apt. You are an angel and will keep discovering beauty of this planet. Love to a beautiful you. See you soon Ashi. # Charu , Shanaya & Amit

  22. Awesum. God bless you always Ashita

  23. Impressive Writeup..!!
    Deep Thoughts.. Beautifully Expressed with Absolute Carity.. 👏👏

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