The case for Spiritual Healing


In the midst of stressed lives with targets to achieve, bills to be paid and families to care for, it is all too easy to lose our real self. The result? You feel snappy,  restless and anxious. Like the body, the soul also needs healing. We need a break from the superficial world and dive deep into who we really are and spiritual healing helps us do that. Mrs. Sonia Kocchar, a spiritual healer and dietician, explains how.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is cleansing the soul and freeing the body from an energy which has been inside us for a long time and has not been used in a constructive way. The process of healing takes us a step closer to the divine light. It helps us heal internally. The spiritual energy is transmitted through a medium, which helps people reconnect with their inner self.

What age groups and classes of people are attracted to spiritual healing?

Healing is for everyone, from children to the elderly. Everyone has stress and spiritual healing relieves the stress. Meditation helps prime the soul for healing.

Why has spiritual healing gained so much attention in today’s scenario?

Physical ailments and treatment drain one to an extent where the person starts losing hope. Your aura is weakened and this leads to weakening of your body as well. Spiritual healing strengthens the aura. Spiritual healing solves many problems, it helps you experience true happiness.

Does spiritual healing affect our physical health?

The physical body is directly affected by the spirit. Whatever ails the spirit shows up as a physical ailment too. You cannot hope to have a sound body without a sound mind, which gives birth to the term, holistic healing. While it may not completely cure the illness, it will make you feel much better. It instills in us the energy to stand strong and fight back against adverse circumstances.


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