The Bright Side Of COVID 19


Quarantine is not that bad after all have a look at the Bright Side Of COVID 19! Like the two faces of every coin, this pandemic has had both negative and positive aspects. for a change look at the positive ones.

Sharp decline in pollution levels

COVID 19 caused a shutdown decrease of industrial activities. Closed factories, empty lanes, shut down of imports and exports ,lack of tourism has brought along a rest for the busy cities. A significant reduction in green house gasses and other air, water and land pollutants has been noticed.

The shutdown of economy even for such a short period is favourable for the nature.The planet has offered us a chance to reconsider our lives and reorganize our mess.

Wildlife is finally free

So how is like being given the taste of your own medicine. We have locked up animals in cages for mere entertainment purposes. This is what karma does. it indeed is payback time. The wildlife is at peace with us welshers locked in.

Ozone is healing

Since the levels of pollution have drastically dropped so has the amount of NO2 emissions. For years what humanity has destroyed this quarantine period is helping in replenishing that. Yes ladies and gentlemen the ozone holes have recovered and the layer is regaining its thickness.The air currents that were affected by the ozone holes will now no longer change their paths and thus might hold on the whole climatic change situation too.

Reflect and reconsider

Well now that we are already in the midst of a 21 day lockdown I think we should all reflect on the decisions we have made wrong. You have ample time to reconsider before you make a decision which might not have very favourable consequences. I am not talking about the decisions we make in our personal life. This is a time to rethink every decision you make as a human, everything that affects the environment around and the way we  are all guilty of having contributed to it in some or the other way.

Digitalization 2.0

Netflix  is certainly not the brightest side of quarantine but yeah can be considered one of the digio the many . Not just netflix right now in this situation that we as a nation are going through has given a new platform to the digital content creators. The online engagement is way more than it used to be. People are creating content and since the activity status is pretty high things are getting viewed and thus efforts are being rewarded.

No Superficial standards

These 21 days are going to definately make a point clear in our heads about the perfunctory life that most of us have. Everything we used to run after every damn day was so superficial. Call it COVID 19, call it lock down , call it Karma, Call it nature’s revenge but we have all surviving on our basic necessities. To rephrase that we  move around in restaurants, movie theatres, malls, gyms, clubs. Most of the materialistic interests that we have are temporary.

The Bright Side Of COVID 19

Family Time

For all those who stay away from home  for their jobs or  study are definitely not going to feel homesick anytime soon. This is your time people. Fill yourself with authentic ghar ka khana, the most missed scoldings and a little better routine.  Spend quality time with your family guys.

So this is The Bright Side Of COVID 19 Stay happy , stay home and stay safe!


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