Terrific Stress Busters To Help You Deal With Stress


“You only live once” is what all of us live by and stress here just becomes that unwanted  rotten cherry on  a very delectable milkshake. Life is  pretty simple  unless you know how to avoid rotten cherry’s and enjoy your shake. Here are some terrific stress busters to help you deal with stress .


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being its also called essential oil therapy. Practicing aromatherapy can reduce the perception of stress, increase contentment, and decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Terrific Stress Busters


Sex is a great way to relieve stress.The type of emotional intimacy that sex supplies helps you connect to your partner in a  better way and cuts down the stress level to a great extent. Initiating the  release of endorphins which are responsible for relaxation of the mind and body, sex busts your stress leaving you feeling better for hours.


Pack your bags and travel to your bucket list destinations. Travel makes everything better. A break from your suffocating work environment and super stressing work routines is all you need.  Whether you spend your time mountain climbing, riding roller coasters, or just sitting on the beach, doing the things you enjoy most will relieve stress. Plan a vacation, throw all your schedules away and enjoy #metime.

Terrific Stress Busters

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Music does Good

One of the best mood elevators is  quality music. The right sort of music post work reduces  stress and anxiety levels greatly. Good music is like a relief, soothes the soul and calms you down. So just get a subscription to some nice music app and get road rolling your stress.

Laugh It Out

They say if you want to clear mind of stress or shake off that under the weather feeling, just go ahead and have a good, hearty laugh. Laughter is effective, cheap and known to be one of the best therapies.It lowers both blood pressure and the rate of cortisol (stress hormone) production.

Terrific Stress Busters


Apart from boosting confidence , socializing in the right way is a great stress buster. Sitting with a bunch of intellectual people imbibes virtues. a glass of fine wine with the company of your close friends is where you can open up and talk your heart out.

Sweet Tooth

Sugar is a stress buster as it reduces cortisol levels also come on who would have a mainstream dinner when you can comfort yourselves with chocolates and donuts.

Terrific Stress Busters



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