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Self confidence

Self confidence if defined literally means a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement. Have any of us ever thought that this could be a skill that can be mastered? Sharing with you a piece of advice by Dr. Joseph in Ted Talk– Skill of Confidence.

According to Dr. Joseph, self-confidence is a skill without which a player can never be great. Dr. Joseph defines skill of confidence as the, ‘ability to believe in your ability to accomplish any task no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, and no matter the adversity.’ According to him, it is no accident he refers to this as a skill, because he believes it can be learned and developed, just like any other skill.

self confidence

Dr. Joseph, suggests that the easiest way to build self-confidence is by repetition. By practicing and improving repeatedly towards a set goal one will not help but improve. It is in recognizing these improvements that self-confidence is nurtured.

Another method to do that is self-talk. According to him, it is far too easy to talk down to oneself, and we do this constantly. However, according to Dr. Joseph, the truly successful people are the ones who speak in a self-affirming manner to themselves.

So, how can we build this self-confidence? Dr. Joseph recommends getting away from people who tear you down. This includes our negative selves. To do this, Dr. Joseph suggests writing down your greatest accomplishments and posting them somewhere you will be reminded of them constantly.

Dr. Joseph is of an opinion that self-confident people interpret feedback the way they choose to. Even when rejected, do not view rejection as the final word. Instead interpret the event as not having been accomplished because the goal wasn’t pitched in the right way.

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