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Teachers Day Special: Angels without magic wand- Shaping the young minds since forever


Glamtalks pays a special tribute to the mentors of our society and salutes them for their hard work and dedication. A big shout out to all the teachers! Here’s a teacher’s day special story.

Sister Maria Swati A.C, Principal, Carmel Convent School Jammu

Serving as an educator from the past 33 years, Sister Maria Swati, has a strong passion for the teaching profession and nurturing the students. She began her journey in the year 1987 at Mount Carmel Convent School, Pune, and is currently the principal of Carmel Convent School Jammu after rendering her services at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh. Each place has given her a unique experience of life. Over the years through the service to humanity largely to the girls, she learned that education is the best service.

She is obsessed with the mission of education and if asked to choose anything for life it is education. Sister Swati believes education is the strongest way to empower women.

Being an educator, for Sister Swati, is full of fun, very exciting as well as challenging. In today’s world where the values are deteriorating, it is quite a herculean task to make the students believe that there is hope in living a value-based life.

On asking her the most memorable moment she replied, “All those in the field of education will agree with me that initially, the teaching profession is an ordinary job, less paid, much-criticized, etc. But the real joy comes on an unexpected day you get an email or a message or a call from a student you may least expect and says, “Whatever I am Today, it’s all because of you. You instilled in me the values that I need to stand on my own feet’. It is a moment of joy none can explain.

On this Teachers’ Day,
I congratulate all the teachers who do wonders and work little miracles with the lives of the students under their care. Dear teachers you rock. Never look back on the profession you have chosen. Think of the number of families you are building, making our Nation strong and finally building a people of power. Wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day.


Sangeeta Singh, Principal, DPS Amritsar

Sangeeta has been connecting with the children and their parents for the past 36 years and her journey being an educationist has been wonderful. She was very young when she started this career and even after all these years, she cherishes every minute of it.

Sangeeta shared that being an administrator and a school head is not an easy job. Still, there are a few stressful moments, like just before the announcement of school results, any indiscipline in the school, and more such things. But, she believes that it’s a part of her job and she is fine with anything. Sangeeta has mastered the skill of having a lot of patience, so whatever comes in her way, she enjoys it.

I’ve been in this line for so many years and when I see my students who are now 50 years old and have a different life, that feeling is just amazing and so exciting. It’s like you have experienced eternity. It is indeed a very interesting part of this career“, cites Sangeeta.

Being an educationist, Sangeeta has met and interacted with a large number of people. She feels fortunate for being able to touch millions of hearts.

Message on teachers’ day-
During COVID-19, the community that has suffered a lot and worked really hard is the teachers. The teachers are being humiliated in the pandemic, people should give them respect and the place that they deserve. My message to all the teachers is that they should continue their hard work and good work, regardless of what people have to say. You know what you are doing for the world, so keep going.

Dr. Simrita Singh, H.O.D (FD) NIIFT, Mohali

Being a Teacher is surely a superpower!
The power to touch lives, souls, impressionable minds with the most beautiful hearts full of love and light. Dear fellow teachers let us make this world a better place by spreading and touching lives with joy, love, happiness, compassion, and kindness. Let us teach and spread this so well that the chain never breaks!

Here are a few ex-students, CESA members, sharing their views on teachers’ day.

Juhi Peshawaria, Ex-Carmelite (Chandigarh)

Dear teacher, your efforts are invaluable as the knowledge that you passed on to us. It’s not just the pages of textbooks but the lessons we learned, to cultivate the thirst for knowledge and to achieve all our dreams. It takes a village to raise children, and you do half of that work yourself. The word thank you is never enough but is the only one to express our gratitude. Thank you and happy teacher’s day!

teachers day

Kavita Markanda, CESA President, Ex-Carmelite (Chandigarh)

Each year we used to celebrate this day with lots of excitement back in Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh, and make our teachers feel special with little thoughtful gifts and performances. On this day, even after 37 years of graduating, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thank all my dedicated teachers for shaping me into what I am today. Many times we progress through the ‘ropes of life’, and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and value for what they have done for us. You made us a better person, not only as students but also as global citizens of society.

teachers day

Namrita Sehgal, Ex-Carmelite (Chandigarh)

For my dearest teachers, let me begin with the students each day. It’s not just education that makes a great teacher; it takes a lot of dedication, determination, hard work, and courage in shaping future generations. We cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done, all that has made us what we are today and still helps us each day in our lives. Thank you for being such a pivot and for giving us beautiful memories at school. Those were the best days of my life!

Simrat Sandhu, Trailblazing The Journey Of Design To Discovery

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