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Tanvi Puri – Turning fantastic fairy tales to reality

Tanvi Puri

An artist, a traveller, a dreamer and an entrepreneur, Tanvi Puri Karla has been scintillating the wedding industry with her exemplary work. A Boss lady with an extremely enthralling approach towards her work is an inspiration for many. Above all she is a daughter. Her brainchild Tanvi & Co is a wedding planning and decor brand based in Ludhiana. Here is Tanvi Puri – Turning fantastic fairy tales to reality

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“They say the best things are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous. That is how the whole idea of Tanvi & Co took shape just over a cup of coffee!” says Tanvi.

“Me and my friend were out for a coffee and both of us had things differently planned professionally. But that day we decided on what we always wanted to do. This was something that interested us and more than that it was a passion. Then we ended up doing a couple of projects together and eventually I fell in love with the work we did. I approached another company worked with them for 2 years and then I started my own brand Tanvi & Co. Ever since then there has been no looking back.”




If   you see the world from an artist’s perspective you will find inspiration in anything and everything. Tanvi is an avid traveller who seeks inspiration in everything around herself.  The art of recreating that in her own signature style sets her apart. A beautiful street may be a corner in a coffee house, a nice bouquet or a beautiful sunset everything is an inspiration to her work.

Wedding these eight letters put together mean the most beautiful and purest form of love that two individuals can ever experience and Tanvi & Co holds the pleasure to put together such dream weddings.

“No other love in the world is like the love of a father has for his little girl.”


In what ways has your childhood impacted you?


While growing up, me and my sister had a say in our house, we had our own opinions and our parents would listen. We were always taught to be independent and self sufficient. My parents supported me throughout and have always taken pride in whatever career choices I have made.

My Dad is my biggest believer and my guardian Angel.

My relationship with my father is beyond words. My father holds a very special place in my heart. He is the first person I speak to in any kind of a situation, be it something exciting, sad or even a problem. He is my biggest believer and my guardian Angel. He is Dad who never says no to his daughters


Most memorable Dad Daughter moments


There are a plenty! My dad probably knows more about me than my closest friends. He is my favourite dance partner. We love binge watching movies and eating unhealthy food together. We both discuss our work lives and my dad is the person I go to for every peice of advice. I still remember I was in grade 7 and I had participated in a school board election. My dad is an exceptional speaker, he penned down the speech for me and also helped me prepare for it. He taught me to use hand gestures which I even doubted for a second. But the moment I was on stage I spoke exactly the way my dad had taught me to. I ended up winning the election and that very moment I decided to never question Dad.

Special dad daughter routines


Something that I used to enjoy is more of a family thing rather than just the dad daughter routine. It’s our annual family vacation. The quality time that four of us had is something I will always cherish

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Papa, Thank you for teaching me how to be a man even when I’m your daughter💯 and for saying Yes when mom said No!😋 You’re the best, the most amazing, absolutely perfect, understanding, supportive & motivating and the most handsome! 😎 LOVE YOU THE MOST❤️ @drsandeeppuri P.S. This is the most special performance from our wedding. I cannot thank you enough Papa for agreeing to do this and all my darling sisters for gracing it! 😍 . . . #indianweddingbuzz #wedmegood #thebridalaffair #luxurywedding #weddingsaga #weddingsutra #weddingplz #indianstreetfashion #zowed #wedtease #brideessentials #theweddingbrigade #weddingzin #wedwise #theweddingwire #indianwedding #shaadisaga #bandbaajaa #shadiwaliinspirations #functionmania #wedzo #weddinginspo

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Most Special Wedding


Of all the weddings that I have planned so far the wedding that holds a special place in my heart has to be my own wedding. I am going to cherish this for my entire life. The whole scenario of planning, the thought process, the selections and the excitement it was all so mesmerising. My husband and I did everything together, I will say it was a beautiful journey. This was a surprise for our families and they way things were put together left us overwhelmed.

An advice for upcoming wedding designers

Each and every event requires hours of planning , execution, multitasking and  hard work. Do not just do something for the sake of doing. If you are passionate and ready to risk it all, treat it like a baby only then go for it. Secondly just do whatever makes your client happy. You might have done 50-100 events but their’s is the only event that matters to your client.  Lastly stay updated, new themes, silhouettes , arrangements you should be aware of everything.

We wish Tanvi the best to keep recreating these fairy tale weddings in her own signature style..


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