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The effervescent, charming and terrifically talented Tania has etched her name amongst Pollywood’s most illustrious.

Pollywood’s sweetheart sent many a hearts aflutter when she debuted in the world of Punjabi Cinema. With two Brit Asia TV Awards nominations and one win for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her performance in ‘Qismat’, she sure is a star to look out for!

What attracted you towards becoming an actress?

Being in front of the camera and taking centre stage is what I find most attractive about my profession. Deep in my subconscious, I’ve always been a performer. It’s something I feel very deeply connected to. Of course, the industry has incredibly inspiring personalities like Aishwariya Rai whom I greatly admire. She’s someone nobody could take their eyes off of when she’s onscreen.

Please tell us a little about your journey.

It might not seem that my journey so far is a particularly legendary one since I have a long way to go and lots to achieve. However, I still have to pinch myself every now and then to realise that my dreams have turned to reality! I come from a very different and simple background, so for me to have the opportunities I have is a massive blessing. I was able to establish myself in the industry at a time when there was very little access to social media. I made sure I kept doing my part in terms of taking on both acting and dance opportunities to keep polishing my skills. Thankfully all the hard work has paid off! It goes to show you never feel let down when you give something your best.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

I consider the top three things on my bucket list as some of my heart’s fondest desires. These are what make me want to strive even harder.

To open an animal shelter.
To establish a home for the aged.
To give a better life to at least 3 strangers.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I don’t have very rigid morning rituals as such. I have however, made it a habit to make sure I am thankful for all that I have every morning. Cherishing one’s own self first thing in the morning boosts confidence that’s lasts through the entire day of work.

Western or ethnic wear?

I am someone who is equally comfortable wearing both. I don’t it’s so much about whether the outfit is western or ethnic, rather what’s important for me is that what I wear should reflect my personality and natural sense of style. When you are confident in what you wear, it really shows!

Tell us an incident you fondly recall.

I remember working super hard for months on end with my theatre practice wrapping up at about 2 am followed by returning to work again at 6am. It was exhilarating ! Later in theatres when people  were shouting out my name with so much love when my entry happened in ‘Sufna’, it was definitely the most rewarding moment for me.

What is your favourite place to be?

For me this has to be wherever my mom is! If she’s in India then that’s my favourite and if elsewhere then that’s where my favourite place moves to. Home is where mom is.

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

I don’t believe in getting inked. I consider my body to be a beautiful blessing by god and I wouldn’t want to be putting stickers anywhere on it! If I were to get a temporary tattoo for fun, it would be a pair of cute paw prints.

What has been your greatest achievement as an actor?

According to me my greatest achievement as an actor, even though I haven’t been in the industry too long, is the ability to accept things just the way they are. Believe me that’s an art form! Also, I feel now I’ve mastered the art of switching between my personal emotions and those of my characters.

Tell us something people don’t know about Tania.

I find great satisfaction in cleaning my space myself!

If your life was a song, what would the title be?

Jeena isi ka naam hai.

Of all the characters that you have played, which is the role that will always remain closest to your heart and why?

I guess the role of Teg from Sufna will always stay close to me because it is entirely different from the sort of person that I am, yet her spirit is very similar to mine. I have never experienced rural life before so that lifestyle was alien to me. Teg is very passionate about and connected to her family  which is exactly how I am. Her selfless love and ability to enjoy both the good and bad in life is something I relate very well to.

Who is the most fun person to work with in Pollywood?

Gurnam is the most fun person to work with out of all of my co-stars. He is very bubbly and humorous.

Who is your favourite co actor?

My favorite co actor is Sonam Bajwa.

If you were given a choice between Pollywood and Bollywood what would you choose?

Although acting has no language but if I still had to choose one, I would pick Pollywood because I really enjoy the work I am doing. Bollywood so far is unexplored territory for me but one that I would love to also be a part of.

Who is your favourite actor or actress & why?

My favourite actor of all time is Irrfan Khan. His baritone voice and deep eyes sweeps one away from this world and into the dimension of whichever character he plays. I really wish I could have had a chance to meet him once.

Tell us about a decision that has been life changing for you.

Definitely the decision to opt out of the medical field despite much protest from my family! I might have excelled as far as the scores are concerned but I would have been unhappy and dissatisfied professionally.

If you could master one instrument which one would it be?

Oh that would be the piano!

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

I can never forget myself enacting LUX soap ads in my bathroom for hours on end.

A real-life situation that inspired you?

There have been many hard times I’ve seen but they have only inspired me to grow, become independent and achieve my goals in life.

Farah Sanjana – Fierce, Limitless, Free Spirited – The quintessential FS woman.

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