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Smiling ,Dazzling and Slaying in Style – Bhavna Singh

Bhavna Singh

Magnificence and quintessential feminine grace reflects in her work. A dreamer, a go getter, someone who has earned everything owing to her dedication is Bhavna Singh. An outstanding fashion stylist and a fitness influencer, Bhavna is a perfectionist. Bhavna Singh speaks to team Glamtalks about her glorious journey!

Inspiration Behind your Work

Growing up in Chandigarh, I wasn’t very exposed to the fashion world. The ongoing trends were not very acceptable at least at that time. So I chose to keep fashion to myself, we may call it a hidden treasure too. Fashion became more of a hobby. I always wanted to do something in the fashion industry itself. Even as a child I was fascinated by the trims and silhouettes. I used to end up reworking my old clothes. My love for fashion kept me connected and is still the inspiration behind my work.

There is something that attracts you to the world of fashion what is it?

The wonderful display of skill and creativity. Fashion is a fantasy and clothing is an expression of personal style. It is the constant change, and the emotion that fashion can evoke that draws me towards it.

One thing our readers will be surprised to know about Bhavna Singh?

That will be that how much I love eating “Chhole Bhature” Nobody believes it but yes – That is the truth! Rest my life is an open book to you all!
Vision and action together can propel you to unfathomable heights!

Were you a fashion enthusiast since your childhood? When did this curiosity for fashion take over? –

Definitely! I used to study in boarding school. Buying new clothes always was’nt my thing. I would rather style them differently. I had always been experimental with my clothes. Trying to practise new sorts of cuts and silhouettes. I used to refashion my own clothes for a new and finished look. That is where this love for fashion took over.

What is Bhavna’s style statement?

My personal style is tantamount to fresh and trendy fashion. Having a glimpse at my wardrobe, one can find a unique collection of astounding attires suitable for almost every occasion. And to be very honest I am obsessed with Basics!

If you had to pick one out of fashion and fitness what would you pick and why?

It’d be as hard as choosing between water and oxygen. I need both, Fashion and Fitness are not just some life choices to me, They are essentials!

How was your experience being featured in the reality show Delhi Darlings?

It was amazing. Quite out of world I would say. I mean obviously we learn our bit but it was something which forced me to see a wider picture and gave me an identity! I shall always cherish Delhi Darlings!

Work on you, for you is what this Mom Boss lives by.

How did you end up being a fitness influencer? –

Being overweight during school days I was bullied a lot. Post pregnancies I gained a lot of weight which was overshadowing me and I was losing out on my confidence. The easier way out would have been to admire fitness models but to go through intense training and controlled diet, it takes strength and determination. That desire to do it for myself kept me going. I slightest transformation you see in your body acts like a motivation and that is the exact case that happened here. I worked out and soon fitness became a lifestyle.

A boss lady is always driven by a support system, who has been your suppourt system throughout your journey? –

Without any second thought my inlaws. They are not even my inlaws – they are my parents even more than that. That’s all I can say!

Your life Mantra –

Just go with the flow because whatever happens, happens for good. You will achieve everything with determinations and hardwork.

Live life in style


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