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Shubhangi Gupta – Shubhangi’s inspirational journey from maverick to marketing entrepreneur!


Founder of marketing company Two-Do and it’s sister venture Two-Do Vows, Shubhangi’s series of serendipitous events took her from one professional pinnacle to the next. Relying on her instincts, she has always sought the adrenaline rush that comes from exploring unexplored territory – the trademark of every imminent entrepreneur. It’s no wonder then that she stands tall as a well-established wizard of the marketing, events and wedding planning world.

Have you always envisioned yourself as an entrepreneur?

I was very academically inclined all through school and college. Having done my B.Com, I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy with the mindset to eventually get a big corporate job. But as they say life had other plans and I’m so glad it did! Being an entrepreneur requires one to wear many hats at a go and that for me is the most exciting bit of the process. So while I didn’t initially envision setting up my own businesses, I did undergo a series of serendipitous events that have eventually lead me to becoming an entrepreneur.

Take us through some of the initial few years of your journey towards becoming a businesswoman.

While in college I was involved with organizing a whole lot of events and got spotted by a senior of mine. We ended up being the first set of people in Chandigarh to hold a pop up event. It was a collective of a few local vendors that we hosted at a carnival at leisure valley. This was in 2016. During the event I got spotted again. This time around I got a chance to work with a  pretty big event format, with its parent company located in Mumbai.

For me everything I’ve worked on seems to have been a stepping-stone to my next project. That ways I have been very fortunate to have had people see inherent talents in me while I was largely unaware of them!

Tell us a little about the kind of person you are.

I am the sort of person that gets bored easily! I like working on a number of different things at the same time. That adrenaline rush that comes from taking up something brand new and challenging is what I live for. I love having the freedom to work within a number of interdisciplinary fields and find points of connection between them. Being stagnant in a typical cookie cutter 9 to 5 sort of role is anathema to me. I lose interest every time I hear monotony knocking!

How did marketing and social media come about?

For as long as I can remember, informally I’ve seen myself playing the role of marketing consultant to a number of my friends. They’d come to me for advice if they were launching a product or a service, wanting to know how to create a buzz and increase their visibility. I’d always be brimming with ideas that seemed to work. In those initial days I didn’t even realize that I could mine this talent of mine and turn it into a full time career. But it was such a great playing field that helped me build a strong foundation for myself as a marketing entrepreneur.

Through my friend’s brother I got a hold of a few music and comedy events that wanted to be publicized. In 2019 I got my first full-fledged social media account to manage. There has been no looking back and now I run two companies – Two-Do and Two-Do Vows.

What all are Two-Do and Two Do Vows involved with?

I started my company Two-Do in early 2019. To put it simply we focus on “TWO” things we “DO”: Events & Marketing. I have a team of super dedicated, passionate and creative people for whom this business is as much of a baby as it is for me. We’re an innovative bunch who take immense pride in helping each of our client’s develop a very customised marketing strategy for their brand. We offer a gamut of services ranging from developing a brand’s identity to amplifying it’s visibility.

Two-Do Vows is a sister company to Two-Do. As the name suggests this is the wedding planning arm of the company. Through Two-Do Vows we bring a touch of the surreal to weddings. Creating enchanted ambiences is our forte. We curate the best possible venue, décor, caterer and help customise cards, hampers etc. while assisting with all pre-wedding preparations. The real challenge is bringing about a fairy-tale wedding within the client’s budget – that’s what we truly excel at.

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