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Pataare – Shagun Bawa and Rekha Thakur


Age-old customs, endless ceremonies, myriad traditions, grand feasts and festivities – the great Indian wedding rings in loads of fun and fanfare. It also comes with endless to-do lists and an array of ceremonies, each with their own customs to be followed. Within these customs the art and presentation involved in the process of gift giving are of utmost significance, with all eyes are focused on these. After all, each cherished gift holds value to last a lifetime and must only be wrapped in the finest of fineries. With its exquisite range of customizable designs for every wedding accessory, this is where Chandigarh based ‘Pataaree’ steps in.

From customized wedding accessories, wedding décor to packaging, bridal trunks, vanity cases and more, Pataaree was conceived in 2016 by Shagun Bawa and Rekha Thakur. Literally translating to ‘box’ in Punjabi, Pataaree’s thoughtfully curated and intricately handcrafted range of packaging is truly a treasure box brimming with delightful options of personalized wedding accessories for every ceremony. Be it the quintessential bridal trunk with its invaluable contents, unique décor props, pretty mehendi favors, exquisite platters, embellished potlis, embroidered silk envelopes, Pataaree weaves an impressive tapestry of traditions, at the same time lending everything an everlasting contemporary edge.

“We make sure to keep our  products original, collections fresh and one of a kind and so never repeate our designs,” says Shagun adding how they conceptualize one color palette and apply it thematically across the entire wedding.

“Weddings, especially Indian, are both personal and extravagant affairs, and we work on bringing out both aspects to this event,” says Shagun.

At present, Pataaree takes pride in three main stunning collections – while the ‘Banarasi’ range showcases the richness and royal feel of the Banarsi silk fabric, lending an imperial touch for their clients, the playful ‘Satrangi’ range is an eclectic mix of laces and trims in vibrant hues to liven up any ceremony with pops of colour. ‘Floral’ range, as the name suggests, is a fusion of earthy pastels juxtaposed against traditional Indian laces and trims to bring about a fresh, contemporary look. Says Shagun, “Anything pastel has a beautiful way of coming alive in the work we do. Pastel pinks and peaches are the hot colors practically every year, though lately clients have opened up to experimenting with brighter shades, like reds and yellows. Classic Ivory and Gold is another evergreen favorite.”

For Shagun and Rekha, their signature bestseller, apart from the trousseau trunk of course, is the all-important Sahi Chithi. A Sahi Chithi is the first official wedding invitation from the bride’s family to the groom’s. Therefore it holds tremendous cultural significance. Penned in beautiful calligraphy, or printed in the classic ivory and gold combination, Pataaree’s Sahi Chithis are exceptional. Their Choorha and Kaleera boxes too are precious possessions that remain in high demand and are customized in sync with the wedding theme.

The process of figuring out every minute detail of various ceremonies can be a daunting task. Pataaree goes beyond the call of duty and together, with years of experience in this industry, Shagun and Rekha have solid check lists the families can go over and be at ease.

Since its inception, Pataree has grown exponentially and boasts of clients across the globe from Africa, England and the UAE to Canada and America. With their own workshop which functions like a close knit community rather than just a business, tremendous eye for detail and genuine love for their work, they’ve been involved with making over 400 weddings even more special!

“It’s been a fulfilling journey, and I find inspiration everywhere for it. I love color and vibrant things, and being a Sikh, the history, heritage and culture of Punjab are rich sources of inspiration for me,” says Shagun, as she and Rekha look forward to another colorful wedding.



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