Recipe ingredients

Red Bell Pepper          2 no.
Yellow Bell Pepper        2 no.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil       6 tea spoons
Garlic       1clove
Basil Leaves         15 leaves
Salt          to taste


Honey Balsamic Sauce

Honey       4 tblsp

Balsamic Vinegar         2 tblsp

Cinnamon Powder           1/2 tsp

Preparation Honey Balsamic Sauce

Put honey, balsamic vinegar and cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix well with a spoon. Sauce is ready to be used to drizzle over the salads. Left over sauce can be refrigerated for 15 days.

Preparation & Assembling of Salad

Wash & clean bell peppers with kitchen cloth or napkin.
Apply little olive oil with hand and roast it over the gas burner of your Kitchen’s cooking range. One pepper should take 12-15 minutes to get completely charred. And while roasting, bell pepper need to be flipped every two minutes with the help of a chapatti tong or any tong available in your kitchen. (Same way we treat brinjals in making Baingan Bharta)

Once you are done with roasting, immediately place in a covered bowl to rest it in its own steam for about 15 minutes (This process will make them sweat and soften the outer skin, which helps the skin peel away easily).

Now roast the other pepper also by following the same procedure and drop in the same bowl and cover again for 15 minutes.

Now gently rub the outer burnt skin to take it out neatly (Do not clean your peppers under running water or you’ll remove much of the nutrition and flavour). Once peeled, cut the peppers into strips, may be 12-15 strips per pepper depending upon the size of pepper.

Place the pepper strips in a clean bowl and add half of the basil leaves on it. Keep one garlic clove and four basil leaves in a mortar & pestle, sprinkle salt and add olive oil. Now muddle these ingredients to make a rough paste or dressing. Pour this dressing on bell peppers and basil leaves, mix properly with hands and place on a beautiful serving plate in the middle of it.

Finally drop 4-5 basil leaves in a scattered way and drizzle Honey Balsamic Sauce. Enjoy the most refreshing salad.


You may use this salad in any wrap or sandwich by replacing vegetables. You must try this salad on garlic bread toast and this will make the most delicious Bruschetta.

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