Riverdale’s most relatable characters


Probably one of the best high school series made, Riverdale is a CW TV show  also (available on Netflix).Every week, we get a new treat from Archie, Betty, Jug-head, Veronica and company. The plot being a classic still attracts the viewers even after 80 years.But obviously you can’t go eight decades without culture and people changing dramatically. Thus the characters have been modernized.Here are Riverdale’s most relatable characters.


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Stouthearted Archie

Portrayed by KJ Apa, Archie Andrews is an intense, conflicted teen, a high school sophomore. A Very kind-hearted, loyal, honest and caring person, especially when pertaining to his friends and family. His suffering derives from merely having to stand by and watch his friends suffer while knowing that there is nothing he can do to ease their pain. Archie is a guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve and is mostly impulsive about the decisions he makes.

Riverdale's most relatable characters

Beautilicious Betty

Lili Reinhert as Betty is the classic case of “the Protagonist” – an extrovert, led by her feelings and judgment, gifted with a great deal of intuition. A determined, goal-oriented  independent woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.The turbulent aspect of her personality explains many of her weird personality shifts as she struggles with anger and emotional upsets.

Riverdale's most relatable characters

Vagabond Jughead

Being a cynic loner and an angsty introvert is what the Serpent King Jughead Jones takes pride in. The kind of Lone wolf Cole Sprouse  has played can be related to people of a rather artistic appeal, the ones who rarely fit in the corporate world. He is philosophical and tends to keep to himself, but cares deeply for those close to him.


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Canny Veronica

Veronica played by Camila Mendes enters the show as a spoiled socialite but over time the character shifts from being a big city brat.She is quick to figure out what needs to be done in every situation and wills to do whatever is necessary to reach her goals.Veronica has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. A strong independent businesswoman is what this high school girl turns to by the end of season 2.

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Bombshell Cheryl

Cheryl portrayed by Madelaine Petsch is a proud member of the Blossom clan and more of a  “the Commander” type character. The intuitive, thinking and judging aspects of her personality help her make decisions and take actions quickly, even though those might be very impulsive.

Bombshell Blossom or Beautilicious Betty which one are you?


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