Review : Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever 

Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever has been topping  netflix’s weekly top 10  for almost two weeks now. The creators of the show have all in all  created a comedy around an American Indian family. Here is the  review for this Mindy Kaling Creation.



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The protagonist of the story is Devi Vishwakumar executed beautifully  by Maitrey Ramakrishnan. Co Created by Mindy Kaling and Landy Fisher, the series stars Poorna as the strict brown mother Nalini. The story starts with a flashback of Devi’s horrible freshman year. She has been deeply traumatised by the loss of her father. The biggest challenge in Devi’s life is to get at peace with her mum and make a social circle of her own.


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peace out, virgins ✌️

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With gradual turn of events Devi is just piling up her grief and running from everything is the only feasible solution to her. To begin with, the mother   daughter relationship, the way she treats her friends,everything is affected because of the piled up temper. For one thing, the very thought of moving on from her trauma troubles her.


Firstly, the show has  chiefly highlighted the major issue most of the millenials face these days. The superficial living standards that are apparently cool will not help. It is practically giving a lesson to everyone of who has    ignored the most important things in life. Running from a problem is away a shorter way but it is never the solution. Be it your fear, your anxieties, your depression or your problems you just have to stand strong and face them.



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Meet your new stay at home gang. #NeverHaveIEver

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The whole series has been narrated by John McEnroe which undoubtedly adds dimension.Secondly, the way the things have been put up is very timed. But somewhere the show hasn’t presented Indian Families efficiently. Its 2020and we hardly hear things like that. Netflix  seems to have adopted a very stereotypical approach when referring to India or Indian families.

Thirdly, we are not forced into arranged marriages just like that! It does not happen now. Also divorces and love marriages are’nt a taboo here. There were references of community abandoning anyone who does an intercaste marriage. Come on guys we live in 2020, do we still do that?  The portrayal of a culture as rich as ours could have been a little better than this.


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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally attacked by your neighbourhood aunty.🙋

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Overall performances of the cast are spectacular. The heart warming throwbacks of Devi’s conversations with her father add that extra emotional touch. It is a well packed teen drama, a very light show with little hints of humour too!

We rate Never Have I Ever 3.5/5


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