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Raman chohan


In pursuit of her heart’s fondest desire, Raman realized her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Defying all fear, Raman focused on the epiphany she had of following her dream which has led her down the path of reaching her highest potential. She made sure to listen to her heart and commit to her passion – that of pursuing makeup as a full time career. Switching careers from being a phenomenally paid commercial banker and turning entrepreneur instead, was the toughest, yet the most fulfilling decision of her life.

Chasing one’s dreams, on many occasions, is the hardest path to choose to walk on. Indian society at large has predetermined ideas of what constitutes as success and security. This was the path Raman was on while pursuing a stellar career in the world of commercial banking. Her high paying job assured a lavish lifestyle and a sense of reliability. On the side she indulged in her passion of doing make up. Therefore, it took tremendous courage on her part to make the decision to pursue her passion as a full time career. With a keen eye for detail, an exquisite aesthetic for make-up and a penchant for business, Raman forayed into the entrepreneurial realm.

Raman’s business sense comes from eight years of experience managing large, small and medium corporations in British Columbia. She delved into the world of semi-permanent make-up five years ago. Having trained under some of the world’s best instructors has given her an edge in this profession. In an attempt to hone in her skills and master her craft even further, she embarked on a year-long journey of studying internationally from renowned artists across the globe. However, she saw a huge gap in the market when it came to addressing the specific needs of the Indian skin. With no research on the intricacies of the Indian skin tone in relation to semi-permanent makeup, Raman put in countless hours of relentless work in studying this specific skin type. Pouring in hundreds of hours and dealing with various issues being faced by her Indian clients, has led her to becoming an expert with invaluable insight on this front. Her approach to semi-permanent makeup is to accentuate the beautiful features her client’s already possess. In an attempt to share her expertise and create a bigger market for trained professionals that can cater to the makeup needs of the Indian diaspora, Raman partnered with a passionate team in India to create Victress Beauty Academy. Now teaching internationally, Raman is dedicated to the success of each of her students. Through Victress, Raman has guided and mentored her students throughout their evolution, paving the way for them to create profitable businesses. When asked what according to her has been the key ingredient to her success, she says “ Having a deep sense of faith in oneself goes a long way. In focusing on my spiritual growth, I feel I have evolved to a beautiful level. When one gives of oneself to all those who need you, this wonderful energy comes back manifold.”

Raman Chohan currently owns three companies in the beauty industry. She is the co-owner of Amour Beauty Lounge and Victress Beauty Academy.  Her latest venture is a skincare product company called Nefer Beauty & Wellness which comprises of toners, face washes, moisturizers, serums and skin oils.  Raman currently takes a limited number of clients in Vancouver. By the end of 2021, she will be a stake holder in five businesses. When asked about how she manages to juggle so many initiatives, yet maintain a work-life balance, Raman says, “ I start my morning with gratitude, meditation and writing. I feel this declutters my mind, allowing space for creativity and generating new ideas”.

When she’s not teaching, the Vancouver native enjoys travelling, being outdoors with her dogs and managing her other businesses.




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