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Praneet Chopra Bubber


The Epitome of Grace, Wit and Charm, Praneet Bubber’s endless list of accomplishments make her a force to reckon with!

Wonder – Woman, Praneet Bubber’s larger than life persona is a testament to the constant ignition of ideas in her mind. An architect by profession and a pioneer in the business of furniture design and manufacturing in Amritsar, Praneet’s list of achievements are as eclectic and interesting, as they are endless.

As the founder of Phulkari – Women of Amritsar, Praneet has established the most premier think-tank for women and brought about tremendous social change in an array of fields, ranging from cervical cancer awareness to education and empowerment. Currently, she is serving as the Vice-President of The Old Sanawarian Society, a stellar network of alumni of her prestigious alma mater -The Lawrence School Sanawar, which is considered to be the oldest coeducational boarding school in Asia.

A chosen few have an uncanny ability to transform all the lives they touch. Praneet Chopra Bubber is one such person. Despite her fabulous array of triumphs, Praneet is super down to earth and very approachable. Poised and with a strong sense of self, the gravitas of her personality has led her to break many a glass ceiling, demanding representation for women and their opinions in fields where this has been hitherto impossible.

When Praneet first returned from the USA, armed with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and over five years of work experience there, within the realm of architecture & design, she envisioned putting up her feet and living the idyllic life at a leisurely pace. However, such is the restlessness born of a constantly evolving mind, that within no time she found herself back at work! Despite few opportunities in Amristar at the time, Praneet took on both residential and commercial architectural projects and set up her firm titled Studios PMB in 2003. Landmark buildings such as the headquarters for the Khanna Paper Mills as well as buildings for Amritsar’s largest school, Springdales have been designed by her. She chose to give up her practice temporarily and dedicate all her energy towards motherhood when her children were born. However, opportunity finds those most deserving of it and soon a Delhi based company involved with supplying furniture to the hotel industry pan-India, approached her. From this was born Praneet’s furniture manufacturing business called Living by Studios PMB in 2008. After the painstaking work of setting up all logistical, packaging and storing infrastructure, her project took a life of its own and has grown exponentially ever-since.

With an aim to give back to society, Praneet established Phulkari, Women of Amritsar in 2017 as a platform for women to find their voice and exhibit their talents. At the time, nothing of the sort existed in Amritsar. The concept of developing a women’s collective, that promoted meaningful discussion, required tremendous work. With no parallel existing from which to draw references,  the entire idea had to be developed from scratch.

At the heart of Phulkari’s philosophy, is the individual empowerment of each member to bring about change at various levels and across different strata, impacting society positively. The member body was constituted keeping in mind that each individual brought a great degree of imminence and expertise to the table, through which all members could learn and benefit. To keep discussions thriving, ideas and suggestions are welcomed from any and every member

across a number of categories. Therefore, Phulkari’s ethos is deeply centered around promoting teamwork while putting aside hierarchies and focusing on the concept of strength in unity and imbibing a deep sense of belonging. It’s no wonder then, that since its inception, Phulkari WOA has grown tremendously in size and become the largest women’s organization in Amritsar with over three hundred members today. It attracts some of the most powerful, dynamic, multifaceted and influential women of the city and has helped create an explosion of opportunities. Under the umbrella of their philanthropic wing Phulkari C.A.N, they work in the fields of Cancer Awareness, Learning and Environment.

Apart from being the Vice President of the prestigious Old Sanawarian Society, Praneet holds another post on the school committee as a member of the Estates and Legal Committee.

The Lawrence School Sanawar was established in the year 1847 and will be celebrating its 175th Founder’s day, next year. Praneet is at the helm of the sweeping changes being made on campus to ring in these monumental celebrations. Preserving it’s glorious history, priceless antiquities and buildings of tremendous heritage value is no easy feat. In alignment with the school’s motto – ‘Never Give In’, Praneet is a part of the team that is making sure this institution ascends to even greater heights. With her many years of experience as a leading architect, the committee under her guidance intends to renovate the girl’s dorms, build a center for the performing arts and introduce onto the campus many common rooms to facilitate interaction and ideation amongst students. One only realizes the magnitude of all of these projects, when taking into consideration the massive size of the school campus, which encompasses a stunning mountain landscape of over 130 acres.

Praneet’s most recent architectural project, Mukut House, executed in 2019, has been a one of a kind multi-use mall in Amritsar, which stands as a stellar example of sustainable space utilization. It is a combination of retail spaces, offices, banqueting facilities and restaurants. Sleek design coupled with fantastic utility, this project has been designed to allow all infrastructure to be used round the clock with segregated timings for optimal use. Another project of note is the Khanna residence which has undergone a complete makeover to look like a heritage property. Aside from Amritsar, Studios PMB is involved with projects pan-India.

As the representative of the Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Praneet has conducted several literary and cultural events across Amritsar. Her myriad talents come to the fore on numerous occasions as she shines like a star on the horizon, looking forward to engaging in a plethora of meaningful enterprises, brightening the landscape of the North in her signature style!


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