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PINK ORCHID – Shannon Mann and Harp Sohal


Boss Ladies Shannon Mann and Harp Sohal continue to push the envelope globally with their stellar makeup venture ‘Pink Orchids’

Pink Orchids has set the bar incredibly high for the ethereal looks sported by South Asian brides across the globe. This passion project founded by boss ladies Shannon Mann and Harp Sohal, has turned into the unquestionable leader in South Asian Bridal Stylist services, bringing just the right amount of extra to every lux look. Synonymous with excellence, Pink Orchids boasts of  it’s own product line and education academies too!

1. How was pink orchid studio born ?

Pink Orchid Studio started as a passion project between us founders Shannon Mann & Harp Sohal,  both of whom were sought after by friends and family over the years as hair and makeup stylists for the most important events in their lives.  We are also first cousins and very close and have similar interests in fashion and beauty.  This passion was turned into a one stop service for brides looking for the very best on their big day. Very quickly, we have become the leaders in South Asian bridal stylist services, sought after by bridal clients locally in BC and worldwide for destination clients. We, along with our entire team of seasoned bridal stylists have been recognized for excellence in our field over the last 12 years.   We have now expanded our services to include a product line and also a beauty education academy to teach the next generation the art of South Asian bridal styling.

2. When and how did all of it start?

It all started quite organically.  Every woman wants to make sure she looks & feels her best on the most memorable and photographed days of their lives. We already helped style many friends and family on their big events over the years had a really hard time on our own weddings day to get hair and makeup artists to create the perfect look. With these experiences we saw a gap in the market.  Fast forward to a few years later –  we decided to open our own business, creating a high end destination brand that was professional and really listened to the clients’ needs  to execute a memorable experience.   We both decided to quit our full time jobs, which was a really big decision as we both had great jobs with benefits, and pursue Pink Orchid Studio fulltime instead.  We immediately grew a huge following.  Our families supported our decision and the icing on the cake is that we get to work together doing what we both love.

3. What have been some of your earliest and fondest memories associated with make-up?

Shannon: I have always loved fashion and the art of transformation since my early teens –  the sweep of colour across one’s lips or using certain fabrics to create a mood.  Makeup, Hair, & Fashion are tools to create emotions and perceptions –  be it romance, whimsy, awe or confidence.

Harp: Since I can remember, I’ve always loved the art of makeup. Some of my earliest memories are of me sneaking into my Mom’s makeup drawer and playing dress up. I did my own makeup on my wedding day, and that really gave me the confidence I needed to do it on others.

4. How do you both manage juggling between so much?

 Shannon:I had a motto in my younger years “sleep when you’re dead”, that is getting a little harder in my 40’s. I always bit off more than I can chew in most aspects of my life. Its like a little monster I live with but then life is short, so jump both feet in!

Harp:I have an amazing support system, with loads of help from my family babysitting my kids whenever needed. Also I allow myself a pity party once a week … it’s when I cry and let it all out in the shower, while blaring Adele. lol.

5. How was Pink Orchid Studio Cosmetics born?

All of our products were born from a need to create beautiful hair and makeup looks that last long. For the ‘dohli’ ceremony we needed long lasting lashes & eyeliners that could withstand the tears and hugs from family as the bride leaves her home. Our brides always tell us the makeup was ‘dholi proof’  and that is no easy feat!  Curating  make-up that complements South Asian skin types is also something we excel at.

6. What are both of you like other than being entrepreneurs?

Harp: I am a very hands-on mother and a best friend to my husband when I’m not working. I’m a true homebody, who loves to cook/bake, host, entertain and drive my kids to their never-ending extra-curricular activities.

Shannon: I am a mother to two beautiful children, Chandan & Jiorne, and a life partner to Pinder. Nothing means more to me than my family. I am also a feminist and an activist. Much effort is needed, especially in the South Asian diaspora, to create equal opportunities for women. I’ve shared a lot of my experiences with my followers, hoping to be a catalyst for change.

9. What would you say is POS’S  USP?

Our greatest strength is listening to our client’s individual needs and creating looks that they are comfortable with. Beauty is art and is truly in the eye of the beholder.

10. Your biggest achievement as a makeup artists ?

Shannon: Winning awards from our industry peers has been wonderful through the years. There is a huge amount of trust that clients place in you and it is an honour that they choose us on their big day.

Harp: Looking back over the years, I’m so thankful for the many accomplishments that come to mind. But for me, doing Sridevi’s makeup was truly an honour. She was my idol as a child.

11. Your favourite part about applying makeup?

Shannon: I feel makeup brings balance and covers issues such as dark circles and uneven skin tone. I love how it makes me feel like the best version of myself. I feel it makes the outside match how good you feel on the inside!

Harp: As a makeup artist, it’s the final reveal! When my clients see themselves for the first time after I’ve done their makeup it’s truly rewarding. Making them feel empowered and beautiful is the best part of my job.

12. Some of your favorite make-up products to work with are ?


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Lit Liquid Eyeliner by Pink Orchid Studio – once dry this eyeliner doesn’t bleed.

Pink Orchid Studio Mink Lash & Lipkit


Shape Tape concealer by Tarte.

Muth Bath Gel Liner by Pink Orchid Studio.

Lip + Cheek Cream by Milk Makeup

13. Anything exciting coming up you would like to share with us?

Shannon: We look forward to teaching our Academy Courses again once this pandemic over!

Harp: We have an exciting makeup collaboration launching in spring 2021.

14. Your Favourite Celebrity Makeup Look

Shannon: Makeup by Mario’s looks on Kim Kardashian for her events.

Harp: Gwen Stefani Always!

15. Rapid Fire

  1. Neutrals or Colours

Shannon: Neutral Palette.

          Harp: Colours.


  1. Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner

           Shannon: Liquid – I love a good wingtip

           Harp: Liquid Eyliner.


  1. Lipstick or Lip gloss

Lip gloss for both!


  1. Straight or Wavy Hair

Definitely wavy hair for both!














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