Myths About Going Braless Busted


Quarantine is more of a braless vaccation for all the ladies out here, ain’t it ladies? We have all had that love hate relationship with our bras. Going braless is actually the right thing to do. We have all kind of earned this after all tiring work days when at night you feel that underwire might just stab you. There are certain myths about going bra free. So here are myths about going braless busted.

Myths About Going Braless Busted

Going bra-less leads to saggy boobs

Saggy or perky boobs, your bra is not responsible at all! Yes crediting your bras for perky breasts.Bras have zero effect on how perky or saggy they are. The muscles in your boobs actually lose shape over time due to gravity and bad posture. Going bra-less  might actually help you strengthen the muscles. The shape of your breasts obviously depends a lot on your daily diet and workout regime.

Well the opposite might actually happen.. Wearing a padded bra on a daily basis can lead to saggy breasts. The padding in padded and push up bras knead the breast tissue in an unnatural manner which affects the lymph tissue over an extended period of time. Prolonged hours of wearing padded bras can actually lead to saggy breast.

Going bra-less helps your boobs grow bigger

Hell no! Why would that happen. As said before the size of your breasts also depends entirely on diet and workout regime. A girl’s bra won’t affect the growth of her breasts even in puberty. That’s because genes and hormones control breast growth, not what a girl wears. Bras don’t make breasts grow or stop growing so does not wearing bras.

Not wearing a bra is promiscuous

If we define personality, it is the ultimate combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. That distinctive character is your own personal identity. Your personal identity is a reflection of who you are. Wearing or not wearing a bra does not have anything to do with promiscuity.  The only thing that matters here is comfort!

Reasons to not wear a bra

If all of those busted myths did not get you thinking maybe this will.

  • Firstly, scientifically there has been no evidence  of any woman actually benefiting from wearing a bra. University of Franche-Comté professor Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a 15 year study into the effects of bras on breasts in that period of time. He found that there were no benefits to bra wearing.
  •  Secondly, whether bras are ill fitted or not, they might lead to pain in certain body parts, the pressure lines on shoulders etc. So when you can, why not skip on the unnecessary pain.
  • Not wearing a bra allows blood to flow more readily around your chest, helping with that muscle tissue building as well as keeping your skin firm.
  • Going bra free makes your breasts stronger and perkier, it actually helps the muscles to develop.
  •  And lastly thanks to all day long comfort zone.

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