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My Dad is My Protector and Roller Coaster Buddy says Bhavdeep Kaur

Bhavdeep Kaur

There is no denying it; we daughters need our fathers. We need every ounce of courage, protective instinct, affection, wit and humour that our dads have for their little princesses. More than anything else, we need them to set a course of life for us. This relationship is remarkable as a dad has the ability to shape his daughter’s life. Here is an alluring conversation on the same with Bhavdeep Kaur.

I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king says Bhavdeep Kaur

Lifestyle and fashion blogger Bhavdeep Kaur recently had a gorgeous wedding during this lockdown and it’s gone viral. The bride practiced social distancing very well during the festivities and this classic yet intimate wedding could surely be the future of weddings in the years to come.

As a newly wed bride, Bhavdeep is blessed to have two fathers to wish this Father’s Day. This boss babe spoke to us about the transition and what her father means to her.

How would you describe your father’s relationship with you?

I have a beautiful bond with my dad. I can talk about almost everything with him. I’ve learnt so much from him unknowingly. He’s an extremely honest and humble man hence has taught me to live life with contentment and honesty. He never differentiated between me and my brother and always loved me much more.

What according to you is the role of a father?

Whatever a child learns at first knowingly and unknowingly is from his/her parents. So a father’s role is as important as a mother’s. According to me, a father should always strive to be a good influence on his kids. One thing that I love about my dad is that he has always helped my mom with household chores and has cooked for us as much as mom has. He has truly made everyone in the family feel equally important and has never acted as the “head of the family”.

Any special dad-daughter routines you have?

I used to love watching scary movies with my dad, going for long walks in the evenings was kind of our routine. We used to go to the stadium with him as kids and play basketball, munching on street food since we are both foodies. Me and my siblings would go to fairs, amusement parks and water parks with dad all the time. He was my roller coaster buddy.

You recently got married. How emotional was this journey for you and your dad?

It’s not easy for any girl to get married and leave her family behind. It was an extremely emotional journey. Sometimes, before the wedding, I’d randomly go stand next to him and start crying and hug him tight. He calls me everyday after the wedding, sometimes even twice to check on me and if I’ve eaten properly. I feel like our bond has become ever stronger post the  wedding.

What sort of relationship are you looking forward to with your father in law?

I already have a beautiful relationship with him. He and the entire family have been very welcoming and they haven’t for a moment let me feel displaced. I feel loved and I am excited about this new phase of my life.

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My wedding date got fixed up very quickly and it was during the lockdown and Amidst Corona pandemic ie. 17th of May. My first concern when we fixed the date was my outfit and how I’ll make it when my team wasn’t working. So I thought of exploring designers who’d have ready to pick lehengas since I barely had 30 days of time with me and no karigars. But couldn’t really find something that would define me and my personality. After 4-5 days of searching I finally announced it to my family that I was going to design the outfit myself. I didn’t know how they’d take it since everyone was aware of the problems due to the current scenario and how difficult it was going be to get it made but thankfully they were all very supportive and trusted my decision. Here’s how it turned out after being in process for almost 20 days and I must say I loved every inch of it. ♥️ . . . Outfit : @youngberry_official Makeup : @inderkaurmakeup PC : @paran_singh_photography Jewellery: @lekhannajewellers . . . #bhavdeepkaur #bloggerbride #designer #designerbride #lockdown #lockdownwedding #lockdownbride #red #weddings #indianweddings #lockdown2020 #indianbride #sikh #sikhbride #jewellery #jewelry #mua #instagram #instabride

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Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.” – Marinela Reka

You are a boss girl, what learnings did your father provide you to be a confident and successful woman?

I started my clothing designer label by the name of ‘Youngberry’ in Ludhiana at a very young age of 18 year old. I did this without a fashion degree. Whatever I’ve learnt about business is from my parents and through experience. If my dad wouldn’t have been supportive I wouldn’t have been where I am now.  He has taught me so much. I am very thankful.

As Bhavdeep steps into a wonderful new chapter of her life, she is safe and comforted by the fact that her father’s love will always be like an armour around her. A perfect example of how fathers and daughter share an enviable bond that no one can match up to.


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