My BFF Got A Boyfriend, But I Am Still Single!


“It was very difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that my BFF got a boyfriend, but I am still single! What’s wrong with me?”

There is nothing better in this world than finding a kindred spirit to hang out with and share your secrets with. As she falls in love with someone, you may end up being abandoned and alone. It’s not a cakewalk to see your camaraderie waft out in the air because of a ‘third person.’

My BFF got a boyfriend, but I am still single!

Instead of cribbing about this conundrum, you may find a suitable guy to date.

But, is it difficult for you to fall in love?

Have you ever wondered why you are still alone?

Maybe, these are the reasons why –

  • You have a Zero Patience –

It entails a great deal of time and patience to build a relationship. But, if you lack ample patience to invest in a relationship, then it would be quite natural for you to abhor the idea of finding love.

  • Are You a Commitment Phobic?

Do you strongly despise making commitments? Are you reluctant to confine yourself within the cocoon of marriage,? Maybe, you have a commitment phobia deep inside, which is holding you back from falling in love.

  • Fear of Infidelity –

Fear of falling prey to infidelity or cheating is powerful enough to stop you from letting someone in your life. Such fears, generally, stems from insecurities or lack of confidence. You might have a strong fear of losing the one you love, which is why you are not yet ready to mingle.

  • Too Busy to See Someone?

Are you weighed down under the baggage of deadlines, to-do-lists or other responsibilities? As a result of this, you would certainly lack the interest to spend some quality time with a guy. Reason enough to be still single!

  • Aren’t You Comfortable in Opening up?

Sometimes, in a quest to please our partners, we tend to camouflage our true selves. Don’t you want to hide your true self behind a comforting facade?Maybe, this discomfort is blocking your path.

We have laid out the most plausible causes that could hinder someone from being in a relationship.

Find out whether you match any of these aforementioned criteria.



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