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Meenakshi Dutt Speaks About Skin Care

Meenakshi Dutt speaks about skin care & Bridal Tips

One of India’s most renowned MUA’s Meenakshi Dutt has marked excellence like none else. Her exceptional professionalism and unmatched creativity are what make all aspiring makeup artists look upto her. Here is what Meenakshi Dutt speaks about skin care & Bridal Tips.

Who inspired you to be a MUA?

There has been no inspiration as such it was my line of work that got me into doing makeup. I had been into modelling and when we shifted to Delhi , I couldn’t get people who could do my Makeup. It was the need of the hour which helped me discover this deep rooted talent of mine. I learnt to do my own make up and started doing it for my co models too. The way people appreciated my work, got me even more opportunities to work.


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What would you say has been your biggest challenge throughout your carrier?

Biggest challenge till date has been evolution. With a generation as fast as this trends and tastes change every day. The whole scenario of the beauty industry changes after sometimes and keep up with that has been challenging. But at the same time it has also acted as the driving force to keep me going.


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Diwali season ✨

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You have been in this industry for a long time now, so how do you think as the industry evolved over time?

I have been associated with this industry for the past three decades, it has evolved beautifully. Whether you talk of fashion, make up, styling there has been a considerable shift in each and every field.

Which make up trend according to you is a classic.

A winged liner, beautiful red lips and classy soft curls.

What would you say is your USP?

My USP I would say is the transformation part. I curate looks in a way that they go really well with the wearer’s personality. The variation that I can bring through my makeup is something that I think nobody can copy. Mixing and Matching new products and then implementing that with my creativity is what I do.


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What makes MDM brides stand out?

The very glamorous and royal look that we give to our brides makes heads turn and that is what MDM is all about. The way we do makeup is very refined and enhances the beauty.

One piece of advice for aspiring makeup artists

Do not hurry, be open to learning stay humble as well as determined.

5 must have beauty products for every woman?

A good moisturizer
Right coloured Foundation
A good perfume

Favourite bollywood celebrity whom you have worked with?

I used to work with many celebrities earlier and of all of them Bipasha Basu has been my favourite.

Since wedding season is round the corner what tips would you like to give to our brides.

Don’t just depend on your makeup artist, start working on your skin beforehand like 6 months prior to the wedding. Your skin acts like the canvas for your makeup artist. Also when curating your D Day look be careful do not go for something too extravagant that might just steal your charm

Your biggest achievement as a makeup artist

My biggest achievement I would say has yet to come. But since I have been working all these years, seeing people from different corners of the world coming up to us to learn makeup is the most overwhelming experience.

From being a queen of Ramps to one of India’s best Makeup artists how has your journey been?

It has been a wonderful journey, of course there have been ups and downs but the growth has been commendable. Every day had a different story to tell, a wide variety of experiences I would say God has been very kind to bestow me with so much.


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5 Skin care tips to protect our skin from such polluted and harsh environmental conditions.

Basic CTM routine
Exfoliation once a week
Facial once a month
Regular skin care & a healthy diet


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