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Manjot Seehra – The creator of Silken Needle


Creative, confidant and tremendously capable, Manjot Seehra has established herself as a designer par excellence with her brand Silken Needle. Driven by passion, Manjot etches spellbinding dreams onto fabric.

Silken Needle is known for creating  Indian and Indo western outfits for kids and women, in which Manjot amalgamates her creativity with spellbinding, traditional embroidery. Each of her outfits is crafted with sharp cuts and clean stitches keeping in mind a number of things, one of them being comfort which tops the list. Her diligence and her calibre have made this brand so big and  loved that she possesses a huge clientele in the North region and also overseas.  Manjot is a passion-driven woman who is balancing the act of being a mother, wife and daughter without compromising on her business. It might look unreal, but she is surely someone we all must take inspiration from.

Silken Needle wouldn’t be so successful if her goals weren’t clear in her mind. Her perseverance and her ethics have taken her a long way. Manjot believes when one walks on the path of hard work, dedication and remains true to his or her values, nothing can stop them from being happily successful. She was just out of college when she worked with JJ Vallaya to gain experience and got inspired by his work ethics and culture. These ethics have taken Silken Needle to another level.  Another secret behind her huge clientele is her high-quality inputs and well-curated designs.

She believes in making timeless outfits which last a lifetime.

Manjot loves mixing her creativity with traditional designs. The main ideology of the work place and the team is to make the product right in the first attempt itself . She picks up embroideries like the intricate Aari work , the mesmerizing Zardozi work or the colourful Gujarati Kacch work. She includes these traditional forms of art in her contemporary outfits which give the customer a modern yet  traditional look. Silken Needle is known for designing trousseaus for brides. Manjot starts from scratch to discusses the needs of the bride. From setting the colour scheme that might be vivid colours or pastel hues she further works on the designs that enhance the body shape. Keeping in mind the personal taste of the bride, she then mixes embroideries with contemporary designs and the result is s stunning, trendy yet comfortable  and exclusives pieces for the brides. She understands how the taste of Punjabi brides is evolving and that clients want diversity when it comes to planning a trousseau.

On the personal front, Manjot is married into a business family from Jalandhar and is a mother of two young kids. Her supportive family is the reason whyshe has been able to come this far. She acknowledges that it is her family who stood by her during her thick and thin which made her the entrepreneurial woman that she is. Since childhood, Manjot had a bent towards the art. Her brand gets it’s name from her grandmother, Resham Kaur. Resham means silk. Being very inspired by her mother and grandmother, she grasped traditional artforms like crochet, embroideries and knitting from them. “Earlier during my college days my parents made sure that my talent balanced out well with my studies” says Mrs Seehra who is also an MBA. Post marriage, with the support of both the families she pursued her childhood passion further. Her husband is the Executive Director at a publicly listed manufacturing firm for engineering goods and also holds the position of the Chairman of Punjab State Council and MSME Committee for North India.  His experience in business and manufacturing and his key insights through these have helped her achieve her goals in a productive way. Though Manjot is extremely successful as a businesswoman, she still keeps her family, her health, and her kids as her priority. She believes that working as a creator makes her soul happy and positive and this further transfers to her family and helps maintain balance. Her son, who is just seven has taken her creative streak and is already designing masks for kids at her studio under his own supervision.

Despite being over-occupied all day, Manjot takes out time for herself. Her hobbies include dancing, singing and meditating. All these work as her stress busters that keep her going. As she basks the glory of her brand right now, she doesn’t forget her initial days when she had faced quite a few challenges to start her own venture. The inception days weren’t a bed of roses. One of the biggest challenges that she faced was during the recruitment phase. It was quite strenuous to select the right manpower for the studio. She wanted her manpower to be efficient and effective. She needed employees who could absorb the education she was giving regarding designing and stitching.  Now after years, she has the right people with similar knowledge, work ethics and business sense and they are doing great as a team!




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