Mama Said Take Your Bags and Go Chase The World My Dear.


Mama said take your bags and go
Chase the world my dear.

I could see the glee in her eyes
Forming a mist, blinding her sight

Yet she smiled with all her strength
That sadness hidden somewhere still there in her chest

A corner smiled from within her soul
Holding secrets yet to be told

That little girl inside her soul
Relived her dreams rejoicing to the core.

She bid her farewell one last time
She knew, time was running by.

‘Honey We’ll be talking through the sky’ she said with all the strength that was left.

Now when i look up at the sky.
No matter where I am and no matter what I’m doing
9-12 is our holy time.

As the clock strikes 12 there is that one last goodbye
Mama ‘thank you for your sacrifice’

Though miles and miles apart we reside.
Our distance never really being a trouble
There we are waving at each other.

That’s what’s so miraculous about love you see.

Words aren’t needed.
Distance doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, silence is the only superpower.

And the sky above rejoices through rain as the 2 loved ones are reunited once again after all the pain.

Ashita vohra

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