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Life coach Neetu Jain and her take on life.

Neetu Jain

The day you start realizing that everything begins at you and ends with you, you will stop blaming people or situations for whatever you are in life at present. The day you start taking charge and responsibility of your life. That right there  is the baby step towards actually doing something says Neetu jain.

When did you decide to opt for this career choice?

I can’t really pinpoint a particular time or moment, but as my life kept unfolding in front of me, I knew that I needed some definite change & life coaching was it. But 2018 was a turning year in my life. That’s when I practically started giving shape to my career as a life coach.

Please tell us a little about your journey?

I would say I have been blessed with the best of what life has to offer.From graduating with Hons. In Eng., to a Post Graduate in Economics, to being a GIA(London) certified gemologist( Diamonds), thereafter pursuing Astrology from AIFAS, followed by being a Reiki Master along with an EFT practitioner (both from Dr. Paula Horan) I finally journey’d into being a Life Balance Coach (ICF approved).

All along, my life’s course has been guided through my own personal experiences and now that I know a better and healthier way of leading my life, I want to share my learning and understanding of my shift in perspective and mindset with as many people as I can, through my coaching , so that I can give back to the society.Emotionally, they had been an excruciating 12 years (2006-2018) for me & it was like life was just throwing challenges at me of all sorts & of all magnitudes, but eventually I understood that there were intense & profound lessons for me to learn. All of these have been very very humbling experiences for me.

How has your family supported you throughout?

Fortunately, my family has always been very supportive throughout my life, whether I’ve been at the receiving end or the other side of the spectrum, they’ve always stood by me. My family is my strength and weakness at the same time. Again, I’d say that I’m blessed to be born in such an amazing & wonderful family & i’m truly grateful for all of it.

Your greatest accomplishment?

Every accomplishment for anyone must always be celebrated. To define any one achievement as the greatest would be unfair to my other achievements. But in essence, if I can bring a smile across anyone’s face & make it stay there, that is definitely an achievement for me.

Your favourite childhood memory?

I’ve always been in a big joint family & festivals were always celebrated with great vigour & enthusiasm. I loved when all of us would get together & celebrate. It was always like a celebration & party at home. Those are some fond memories from my childhood.

What is the biggest challenge you helped one of your clients through?

That day when any client understands that all the challenges in their life are not due to external circumstances or people, but because of their own behaviors & mindset, however trivial or strong patterns they might be, that day is always a turning point for them.

What is the favourite Part of your job ?

My favorite part of coaching people is that more often than not, during the course of our sessions, I myself have such powerful revelations & insights about my own self, that along with the client , it serves as a growth process for me too & that has been in continuum.

What kept you going, what was the driving force?

My pain & my constant desire to relieve myself of all the mental & emotional trauma that I had been dealing with & still have, has kept me on a quest to learn and understand life & it’s intricacies to a certain degree where most of my issues started getting resolved. It isn’t that anything in my physical world has changed dramatically, but my perception of life has changed a lot & that has helped me calm down immensely.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

In 5 years from now, I see myself as an evolved human being with a lot of compassion towards humanity. I can feel the shifts happening in me, so the building blocks are already falling in place & I’m sure that I’m laying a very profound foundation for myself.

Is a relationship the most important aspect of life ?

Yes definitely, any relationship is your life plays a major role in how your life shapes. But I believe , its your relationship with your own self that defines the other relationships in your life. If you are in a happy / peaceful/ comfortable space with yourself, then you will experience the same comfort & harmony in all your relationships regardless of the other person’s attitude.

What is your take on the society that makes a woman feel guilty for prioritising herself over anything?

I believe no one can make you feel guilty, unless you yourself are. As far as prioritizing yourself & being made to feel guilty about it is concerned, then you know that such people need a lot of love & compassion & it’s their insecurities that makes them act so weirdly as to make the other feel guilty. If you’re a woman, who is defying the societal norms, then you just need to forgive such people & stay focused on what’s important for you & keep your vision on your goal. After all a woman is way better equipped than most of her male counterparts to deal with such emotions as forgiveness, kindness & generosity. It is only through genuine forgiveness that you can help such people face their insecurities and realize their as well as your full potential and instead of pulling you down, support you better in your endeavors.

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What is your stress buster?

Baking is something that really calms me down & very recently, calligraphy is proving to be very therapeutic for me.

An unforgettable moment.

All my holidays with family have always been my most cherished & unforgettable moments.

What is a perfect evening for you?

Being with my family, in any part of the world, is my definition of a perfect evening.



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