Khalsa Aid : A Story Of Redefining Humanity

Khalsa Aid

The kind of future this world is heading towards, the kind of future we are heading towards seems incomplete. The way we have sidelined aspects like humanity, the days are’nt far when we will completely forget them. Until and unless organisations like this exist. Whenever the world needs a hero, initiatives like Khalsa Aid  have come to our rescue and restored our faith in Humanity.


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Basically Khalsa Aid is an a international humanitarian relief agency, based on the teachings of the Sikh Gurus who preached well being of all humanity. The organisation has been working selflessly to ensure humanitarian aid in a  disaster as well as conflict torn places. Since its launch in 1999 the NGO has been working magnanimously.


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Founded by Ravi Singh, the NGO strongly abides by the principle of universal love and selfless service of the humanity. The world has been lucky enough to witness the existence of such noble souls . The organisation’s very first mission was to provide food and shelter to the victims of Albania & Yugoslavia border wars.

During the Kerala Foods, they started langars, providing meals to 13,000 people twice a day. They played a crucial role in cleaning all the places of worship. The organisation served and rescued war victims of Syria. The volunteers reached Bangladesh border when Rohingya Muslims were fleeing Myanmar.

Their contributions are innumerable and we salute such acts of benevolence!

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