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Karina Bedi Let’s Her Style Speak For Herself

Karina Bedi

Style is a way to say who you are without even speaking. Karina Bedi let’s her style speak for herself. A Chandigarh based stylist, social media influencer and a fashion and lifestyle blogger brings to her followers the most authentic content.

When talking of fashion all of us admire a celebrity’s sense of style, who is your fashion icon?

My fashion Icon is Kendall Jenner I admire her sense of style a lot. The mode of fashion she carries is very furbished yet classy.I relate to her style a lot.My style is somewhat inspired by the way she carries herself.


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One thing our readers will be surprised to know about Karina?

I am a very short tempered person, I guess that is the thing people do not know about me.

What inspired you to come up with such unique content?

There is a neck to neck competition when we talk about the feild of digital content creators. The driving force behind this content is that I want to stand out. In order to do that I look upto International bloggers who are actually the game changers. I curate all my inspiration from Pinterest too. I just do not want my profile to look monotonously  dull and just try to come up with varied themes and boards.


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What is your personal fashion statement?

My style is very basic. Chic, Sporty & Basic is how I will describe my style.


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You have been blogging since a long time now, so how has your journey been?

It all started back when I was in class Eleven. I have been blogging for nearly 6-7 years now. It was a hobby and more of a medium to express my thoughts so I wasn’t serious about taking up blogging professionally. The time I was working at Marks & Spencer’s I realized the things had changed and people were actually earning out of blogging. I quit my dream job came back to my home town and pursued it as a full time career. It wasn’t easy. As they say good things take time, it took me two years to build my audience online and after that I started earning. 


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There is something that attracts you to the world of fashion what is it?

I have always been into fashion. Even as a child I used to sketch and the idea of expressing yourself through your style is what connected me to fashion even more. Being an introvert , I found fashion to be my gateway to interacting with people.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is I get to interact many many new people. Being a blogger you get to visit pretty places attend launch party’s and also try brand new products.


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Your favourite clothing brand ?

It has to be Zara for sure and I absolutely love Shein.

What is your favourite part about fashion styling?

I love mixing and matching and that is what I love the most about styling. When curating looks for my clients I like to have a complete overview of their taste, comfort zone and then bring together the look they want.


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A versatile garment according to you and 3 different ways to style it?

A versatile garment from my wardrobe will be a shirt  dress. You can style it very casually with sneakers, second with heels and a blazer for a very formal look.In the fall season you can use it for layering, use it as a cardigan over a very basic outfit of yours.


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According to you who is the best male blogger in India and why?

Nikhil Kandhari  because I really admire his sense of style.

What is your daily make up routine?

A medium coverage foundation followed by a bit of powder and the brows. I keep my eyes and lips very soft as I like sticking to the nude look. A bit of mascara and highlighter and you are good t go.

Heels or flats?

Flats always but sneakers are BAE.


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5 quick and easy fashion hacks

  1. Keep a set of nude underwear’s handy, a pair of nude cycling shorts as well as a nude sports bra to save  you from the trouble of peeky lingerie.
  2. Nipple tapes are a life saver as well as a must have.
  3. Hair straighteners for ironing the collars of my shirt is a life hack I swear by.
  4. Denim on denim is a solution to all your fashion dilemma’s
  5. Dressing up in different tones of one colour is also an edgy fashion hack, you just need to play by the accessory game.


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