JJ Valaya Is Back With Tabriz


Drawing Inspiration from the Persian aesthetic during the 16th- 19th century Valaya has launched his annual couture collection 2019 in the name of  “Tabriz”.The designer presented his line-up that comprised wedding and occasion wears for both men and women.The collection is named after the old Persian capital and thus JJ Valaya is back with Tabriz.

“I had to face a harsh reality that after 25 years, I was bored of what I was seeing and quite honestly, of what I was doing as well, However, a quick hiatus, it turns out, is a wonderfully honest companion. It made me realize even more how intense my love affair with couture truly was. For me, couture is not just crafting clothing. It is a deeper emotion, an experience and a luxury; one that has the ability to alter how people feel about themselves. But it is also about being honest to oneself,” says Vallaya.

The  whole collection is a tribute to arts and crafts of that region and has three distinct lines each revolving around a specific theme.First one being Farsh which reflects on Persian hunting design carpets as well as the art deco period. Intricately designed garments with hues of teal and blue colours were donned with traditional gotta patti and vibrant threadwork.

JJ Valaya Is Back With Tabriz

The second one named Naqshband, meaning master craftsman, channels the royal aura through a floral patterning. The oomph element in it is that the floral patterns have  been done beautifully in metallic threads and beads accentuated by  glittering borders, antiquated crystals and pearls.  The placement is very beautiful and subtle. Silk and velvets in rich red tones have added a certain warmth to the whole line up.

Third and the final one Khayyam, belongs to nomadic origins in Persia’s royal tent makers and channels their tribal aesthetic. Antique mirror work, rough cotton yarn and unusual applique are blended with signature Valaya prints to create this particular segment. Beautiful blacks, graceful greys, and bequeathing burgundys, come together to redefine Valaya’s grandiose.



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