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In A Conversation With Iqbal Khan

iqbal khan

Iqbal Khan has left us stunned with his extremely mesmerizing performances over the past time. A person who believes in quality content over everything speaks to team glamtalks about his take on the Television Industry.

Of all the Indian Television projects you have worked on which one is your favourite?

Of all the serials that I have worked in Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai, which was on air back in 2005 is my favourite. Also another one is Pyaar Ko Ho Jane Do, which was on air  about 3 years back.

Iqbal Khan

Before your first movie, you had dropped out of college, How hard had the struggle period been?

I was in college when I started. I was offered a music video which I chose over my exams and hence had to drop out of college. Luckily the things worked out for me but I do not encourage any such kind of behavior. The bottom line is to finish up with your graduation before pursing any of your dreams.

What attracted you to begin your carrier as an actor?

While I was in college, I was a lot into theatre and plays. There was a play headed by Mrs Aruna Ahluwalia that was the one which affected me a lot. The plays got this acting fever in my head and then I started pursuing it.

Iqbal Khan

If you were given a choice between TV serials and Bollywood what would you choose?

The only thing that matters to me is quality work. The medium does not matter. There is absolutely no point working on baseless content. The two things that I would consider before choosing any project will definitely be good content and money.


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Your greatest accomplishment as an actor

My greatest accomplishment as an actor is the love and respect that I have earned through my work. I know that one day If I speak up for something, there are people who will respect me and stand by my choice. That is my greatest asset.

Who is your favourite actor & why?

My favourite Bollywood actor is Irfan Khan because of his versatile work. The big names we all notice and follow were still there when this person came out of thin air and stole our hearts with  effortlessly beautiful performances.

Have you progressed in your acting career as you have expected?

Yes I have definitely achieved a lot. The best part is growth as an actor. It’s been a while since I have been acting now so the thing that I cherish is the way my work has evolved over time as an individual artist. Seeing the way I started and they way I perform today gives me a different level of satisfaction.

In a field like this is very unstable, When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

It’s not just my field that is unstable. Its every profession. Ups and downs are a part of life and this is its true essence. The beauty of life is in just carrying on with it. The only difference is that being an actor your life is not just yours, its open to everyone, so whenever something goes wrong with us its certainly bigger issue. With God’s Grace I have never been put through an emotional setback. I have been lucky he has always been very kind to me and I have never faced setbacks when it comes to my work.

Something people do not know about Iqbal khan?

Something that people do not know about me would be that I was the Head Boy of my school.

How did you first meet your wife?

Back in college days I had done a music video for Falguni Pathak that was the time I first met Sneha. I was 19 and she was 16 then. After that I never hear from her until this one fine day, after I had moved to Bombay I bumped into her. This is what destiny does!


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Of all the characters that you have played is there any role that will always stay close to your heart if yes why?

Of all the characters that I have played, Angad from Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai will always be close to my heart. The audience loved the character and it was pretty much relatable. Also the show went on very well so this will definitely hold a very special place in my heart forever.


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A positive and a negative aspect of your line of work?

There is no such positive or negative aspect of our line of work. Like I said earlier there is nothing so different about our industry, the only thing that matters is your outlook. The way you respond to situations or people determines whatever happens.

Anything interesting coming up?

There is a very intresting project that we have just finished working on. Its a web series by the name “The Bull King”. It’s also one of the best content based works that I have been associated with.

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