How Are You Spending Quarantine?


A global Pandemic is what we are witnessing right now. While Namaste is the new Hello, most of us introverts be like  “Namastay In Bed”. That is what we call the Quarantine effect So how are you spending quarantine?

What exactly is quarantine ?

Oxford defines quarantine as “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.”

COVID -19 outbreak which initially happened in china has now spread all over the globe. Stay home and stay safe. Together we can stop this pandemic from spreading. Quarantine is one of the preventive measures specifically suggested by the government. So how are you spending quarantine? Spend these two weeks productively!! here’s  how.

Catch up on your reading

With college lectures,  busy work schedules, tiring office days and awfully short weekends we hardly get time for reading. Well this is the time for you to catch up on your pending reads. Explore different genres and variety of literature. Quarantine will give you ample time to finish off those pending stacks of books.

Channel Your Thoughts

All those people who have always wanted too write, this is the time you have. Start exploring more and more and then just channel those thoughts into your personal journal or a blog. Start with something you like and can comfortably write on. Once you are habitual to the flow of writing you can take up the complicated topics too. You can also go in for sketching or painting. Any form of creative activity acts as a medium for expression of thought. Stick to whichever way suits you best.

How Are You Spending Quarantine?

Revamp your Home

Since you are finally getting more time to spend at  your place you finally have an eye on all those changes you have been thinking of making from the very first day. Revamp your apartment with some quick and easy DIY’S  Pick out colour combinations and the decor aesthetic which goes with it. Give your apartment those fresh feels that you have always wanted.

Netflix and chill

Can anyone just be productive 24 x 7 that too in the year 2020. Something next to impossible. Right there my friend we have our lifesaver  Netflix.  Watch friends over and over again or something new. Money heist new season drops april 3. For more  check  out the previous blog on Netflix India’s top 10 this week . Kiara Ali Advani’s Guilty  that has been ruling the charts for two weeks is a must watch.


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Learn a new skill

We have been talking of putting time to a productive, this is exactly how. You can start off with learning a new skill be it photography, gardening, cooking, baking, a new language, basically whatever you please. Just let your heart out darling.

How Are You Spending Quarantine?

Try your hands at meditation

You must be thinking why meditation, I would rather say why not meditation? The benefits of meditation as we say are reduces stress, enhances positivity, you will deal with anxiety without even realising and promotes emotional health. To rephrase that, it is not a bad deal . Spending some time meditating helps you deal with a dozen problems at the same time so why not give it a shot?

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  1. Succesfully Trying different Cuisine , exercising along with writing positive motivational quotes on my rooftop Garden and publishing on social media daily for 50 days now since the lockdown started. Me n family are spending lot of time in my garden with plants and playing family games..right from stapu to badminton ❤

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