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Here Is Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals


Blogging is a profession which  puts your heart out entrancingly and Fashion up’s our lifestyle and upping the fashion game here is Rubby Singh giving us some major style goals.

Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals

How did you come all the way from psychology to fashion?

I have always been an avid fashion lover and also a keen psychology lover. The shift was drastic as well as unplanned and I went with the flow.While I was at college I started blogging and since then my love for fashion knew no bounds. I used to read many international blogs and magazines and somewhere that inspired me to take my blog to the next level.

Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals

Who is your fashion Icon?

I admire many fashionistas to name a few Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham are my fashion icons. I can pretty much relate to the way they style and power dress. The way the dress exhibits a very bold personality which is fascinating.

Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals

The best  part of being an influencer?

Socialising is the best part, you get to travel, meet new people, interact with them and gain wonderful experiences. Working with big labels from the fashion industry is a chance you get while you are into blogging and also your content must be enriching for that.

Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals

How has the blogging game changed in the past few years?

The time I started blogging back in 2015, people were unaware  and also there was just a handful of bloggers here in tricity. At this point of time, the blogging industry is way too saturated which has affected the quality of content being delivered to the audience. The authenticity of content has suffered at the hands of unethical ways and it should be stopped.

Rubby Singh Giving Us Some Major Style Goals

Is fashion all about brands?

No certainly not, fashion is all about adoring whatever pleases your heart, be it a street shop article or a high end brand product. Just buying and wearing brands does not  make you a fashionista.The challenge is to wear a single piece from your wardrobe in multiple ways.


What is Rubby’s style statement?

I am a comfort lover  so any day and anytime I will prefer a teeshirt over a  dress. My basic style is wearing a basic crop teeshirt, a pair of mom jeans and sneakers. That is something  which defines me.

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