Healthy Salad Recipe By Chef Vikas Chawla


Classic Leaves & Veggies Salad in French Vinaigrette

A classic healthy-salad with high fibrethat boosts immune system and digestion. It can be relished at any time of the day. You may add any green leaves and veggies of your choice to make a perfect salad by following these steps. After learning this technique, you will always prefer making salads at home.


Salad Leaves     100 gms (2 Full Cups)

(Ice-berg lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Rocket Leaves)

Micro Greens      25 gms (Half Cup)

(Beetroot, Celery, Cress, Fennel, Kale, Chard etc.)

Local Grown Greens      25 gms (Half Cup)

(Baby Spinach, Fenugreek Leaves – Methi Leaves etc.)

French Vinaigrette Dressing        1 ½ tblsp

Honey Balsamic Sauce         2 tblsp

Boiled Gooseberry (Amla)       3-4 whole

Beetroot         1/2 piece

Chopped Walnuts        2 tblsp

Salt          a pinch

French Vinaigrette Dressing

Extra Virgin Olive Oil          6tblsp

Vinegar (Apple Cider / Red or White Wine Vinegar)        2 tblsp

French Mustard Sauce         1 tsp

Honey Balsamic Sauce

Honey         4tblsp

Balsamic Vinegar      2 tblsp

Cinnamon Powder        1/2 tsp


Method Preparation

Preparation French Vinaigrette Dressing

It’s an easy process to make vinaigrette dressing. Take any used / recycled small jar at home (approx 200-250 ml with lid). Wash &dry it with a paper towel. Now add 6 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 table spoons of vinegar and 1 tea spoon of French mustard sauce. Tightly close the lid and shake well for 20 seconds. Dressing will turn into a thick sauce by the emulsification of oil & vinegar. Use it on salad as directed. You may store the left over dressing in refrigerator for 15 days and shake well every time before use.

Preparation Honey Balsamic Sauce

Put honey, balsamic vinegar and cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix well with a spoon. Sauce is ready to be used to drizzle over the salads. Left over sauce can be refrigerated for 15 days.


  • Open the ice berg leaves and wash with all other leaves and greens. Dry on a paper towel or in a salad spinner (Salad spinner is available at crockery stores, which is very useful to immediate dry any washed greens or herbs).
  • Boil gooseberries in boiling water for 10-12 minutes and slit wedges.
  • Wash, peel and thinly slice half beetroot. Place it in a bowl, drizzle French Vinaigrette and mix well. Cover it and keep aside for 15 minutes to let it marinate.
  • Chop/crush the walnuts

Preparation / Assembling Salad

Tear ice berg leaves with hands and place in a deep large bowl.

Add all the greens and boiled gooseberry wedges.

Drizzle 2 tblsp of French vinaigrette over the leaves and mix well with hands.

Now sprinkle a pinch of salt and mix again.

Now gently lift the dressed greens with a hand and place it in the centre of a serving platter or a bowl.

Place marinated beetroot slices all over the greens.

Evenly throw chopped walnuts and drizzle 2 tblsp of honey balsamic sauce over the salad.

Garnish with microgreen and serve immediately.

Suggestions / Tips

  • You may use any fruit like sliced apples, oranges, pears, peaches etc. to give a new dimention to the salad.
  • You may also add any vegetable of your choice like blanched broccoli, beans, etc.
  • Mix the dressing and leaves together just before the serving, to enjoy the crunch in leaves.
Chef Vikas Chawla

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