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Harkiran and Pearl, Polish Lash & Nails Studio

Harkiran and Pearl

Two boss ladies, following their heart….. its Harkiran and Pearl. Hailing from army backgrounds both of them had never been into business. Taking that first step is always rewarding Harkiran and Pearl’s Polish Lash & Nails Studio is an epitome of the same.

How did you both first connect ?

Harkiran and I are sister – in- Laws. I had an idea in mind and we went out for lunch discussed it over and voila. That  is how we connected” says Pearl

How & when you both came up with the idea of Nail Studio Polish?

We were both very excited and wanted to execute this idea in the most enthusiastic way possible. So it all started with lunch, may be in the month of april or may. Soon we started fabricating the plan and things started falling into place. We then started with our first studio in Chandigarh on 21 October 2012 to be more precise.

What was the most challenging part of your journey?

Back in 2012, when we started , people were not aware of the concept of nails. As a matter of fact there was no other nail studio in Chandigarh or Punjab. It was sort of ground zero, nail extensions, gel polish, how to take care of nails nobody knew what  they were going in for.

So basically we were in the business introducing an absolutely new concept. We started by offering counselling to our clients as to what sort of nails would suit them and how to take best care of them. Setting up team Polish was  a task in itself. Bringing all of their skills to the level of professionalism we wanted has been rewarding. We also had the same set of problems while hiring  the technicians. Making sure of the perfect equipment and amenable staff was the very first thing that we had  to make sure of. Once  all of that was sorted we had to cater solely to customer satisfaction.

Tell us more about your story

This is quite an interesting one, we both hail from army background and we are  the first ones in our family to set up our own venture. There’s always a first and it’s okay to be nervous too, the confidence and the determination that we had kept us going. The fervour to explore the unknown and since we were both on the same platform our wavelengths matched.We decided to work on the idea, there was  a lot of potential because in punjab there was nothing of this sort.We are so glad to have taken up this path so less trodden, the journey has definately been a  rewarding one.

We are employing approximately 70 people  across our three locations in Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Gurgaon. Apart from that we have also trained 50 other people through our academies. Seeing them grow from being an amateur to some of the best skilled people in the feild is something that makes us proud.

If you could go back in time and undo one thing what would it be ?

I don’t think I would want to undo anything. From every failure we learn a lesson or two and that is life. Making mistakes helps us learn and we just come out as the stronger and a better version of ourselves.

Who all have been your supporters ?

Our husband’s have been our strongest supporters. If not for them, none of this could have happened. The way the supported us emotionally and professionally is commendable. Even when things weren’t going our way, our parents, our children, our families and friends have always had our back.

What’s your take on to social media?

For businesses like our’s, social media is your best friend. It grants you free access to people from literally all walks of life. Different demographics, tastes, age groups are all projected at one single platform. Be its instagram, facebook, twitter or snapchat  every platform has   its own perks. For us, instagram has definately worked in our favour more than any other platform.

How do you hope to grow in next 3 years ?

We really do not want to rush expanding our footprint. The only thing we cater to is maintaining quality work.Putting our best foot forward in whatever we do has been our forte. We have added lashes to our portfolio recently when we started our Gurgaon studio. Going forward we do have lot of plans.

What’s a typical day for you?

A typical day for us is being on the floor, businesses like ours do not run on auto mode. Clients require that personal attention.It’s experience and the service that client takes home, not just a good set of nails. We have worked on creating a third space where our clients can come and relax. Since the services we provide are time consuming so making out clients feel at home is very important. When the client comes in,she is coming in with a lot of baggage, she may be a mother , a single woman, a working professional, so the whole point of setting up a studio like is this creating a humble abode for them to destress.

Where you both love to go together ~ Travel or shopping

We both love travelling and both of us are extremely passionate about it. The very first thing that comes to mind is the destination followed by what all training could we actually get while we are there. It’s always trying to take along some new techniques that our businesses might benefit from.

Who is more of a foodie ?

“The crown goes to Pearl who is not only an excellent cook herself but a good food critic too . Her recommendation on food , I will go for blindly .
I’m more of eating for nutrition only category now”,says Harkiran.

“That’ll be me , my travel is all about what our destination has to offer. I love food and a  lot of good food means an equally good holiday” says pearl.

HarKiran if you would’ve given a full day to shop in Singapore / New York what would be in your list ?

Full day of shopping ! That’s a tough one for me since I’m more of a minimalist.
But it would be New York for sure .A new place to explore is always a welcome option

Pearl what are the 2 best things you love in HarKiran?

There are so many things that I love about her but if I had to talk about two things it has to be patience and dynamism. Her level of patience is commendable. I am a very demanding person and the only way our partnership has survived is because she let’s you have your time and space.

The second thing I love about her is, she is very comfortable getting out of her comfort zone. She is from a teaching background and more of non aggressive stuff. But the way she has molded herself is exemplary

Harkiran and Pearl

What is the USP of Polish Nail Studio

The quality work speaks volumes for itself. The endeavour that we have for our brand is to provide an extravagant experience, because that is something that they takeaway. It’s all about creating that oomph which leaves everyone awe-inspired.


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