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Amritsar seems to be brimming with talent that keeps sprouting from the city every passing day. Jai Babbar is one such gem that belongs to the holy city of Punjab. And like all skilled artists he too had to struggle in pursuit of his passion. Jai believes that it’s part and parcel, with life comes struggle and he’s glad he gets to do what he loves. His hard work and perseverance has let him to now become the crème-de-la-crème if you will. When asked what was something that was difficult to deal with when starting his journey, Babbar mentioned how he would get intimidated when he heard the word ‘celebrity’. The pressure of performing would be high, and he knew he couldn’t falter, even on a miniscule level.

What has changed from then to now is that people like working with him because he is approachable and celebrities feel comfortable around him thanks to his relaxed approach and not having the need to tip toe around them. Babbar takes being professional at what he does very seriously, while beautifully pairing it with a warm sense of hospitality that makes his clients feel at home, this sets him apart. He’s worked for quite a few Kingfisher supermodels at the beginning of his career for shoots and covers.

With an experience of over 7 years Jai has plenty of expertise in fashion photoshoots, creative studio photo shoots, makeup education and product consultations. Jai adheres to a universal rule that came with experience: women desire a fresh, flawless and beautiful look.

This rule helped derive a signature style which is inherently feminine and natural, which is modern. This signature style has been curated from a plethora of creative sources that inspired Jai, which range from research from the world’s best fashion magazines to something as personal as time spent at the beach with his daughter. His life’s moto is staying stress free and being in harmony with yourself. He believes living by this moto will translate to a happier you, and thus, a glowing skin. He swears by natural homemade products and has promised to share them soon with all his supporters.


Your wedding day should be a day of happiness, a time to make life long memories and look your best. A natural remedy that makes a difference for brides to-be who suffer from dark circles and bags under their eyes, apply tea liquor and cucumber. Since it is such an important day, there are timelines resulting in stress, due to which things could go wrong. A makeup artists is key for a bridal look and delivering a stunning bride. There are a few tips that Jai believes could help a bride steer away from impending doom on her wedding day.


1) Choose a neutral and light dusting powder to balance the extra sheen.

2) Opt for a golden toned concealer and base rather than the one with a pink tone so that it complements your skin tone in the camera lights.

3) Contouring makes a world of a difference. Do not skip it, it will highlight your features. Photographs turn out well with a contoured face that highlights prominent features such as cheekbones. However, everything is good in moderation, too much could make your face look too sharp.

4) Always go for a classic look that is timeless and clean, since your outfit is loud your face could act as a contrast in comparison bringing all the focus to your face. Remember that your wedding photos will last for times immemorial, they might still be around, even when you’re not.

5) No talcum powders anywhere in the entire makeup regime please. People need to understand that talcum powders are not a makeup product.

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