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Gurbani & Suhani’s Trouvaille


Beyoncé was right, we do run the world. But it’s not always a smooth journey, let’s call it a roller coaster. Embracing the Roller Coaster is what Life’s About. The unplanned instances turn out to be the best ones. A good cup of coffee does wonders, just like Gurbani & Suhani’s Trouvaille.

Two exceptionally talented women, following their heart and creating a work of art. They have been building brands, in a way like no other, here is a conversation with Suhani Bachan Elawadhi & Gurbani Buttar

How was Trouvaille formed, whose brainchild was it?

We both often discussed about social media content creation in our own different ways since we both had similar interests and experience in the field. One of us being from the ad, film, and marketing background and the other one from blogging & content writing. We gave way to our common ideas and combined our aesthetics to form Trouvaille.

“Trouvaille means finding something beautiful by chance. A lucky find.” 

Please tell us a little about your journey?

Since we had so many ideas in common, we wanted to sketch things down, put them together, and make the most of it. Our story started on a train journey (like all other cool stories begin) and we discussed how we could create a platform to share our experiences and ideas with everyone and especially the brands that we could connect with. We sat down with a pen and paper, 2 coffees, and launched Trouvaille.

What all hurdles came your way and what was the detrimental factor that kept you going?

We both had tons of ideas but we weren’t experienced in running businesses. It was challenging to set up a professional tone for our company, to manage financials and policies set in place, and to deal with different types of people through our work. It’s been a roller-coaster ride but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Our team celebrates every win- big or small doesn’t matter. But we truly started enjoying our work when we started traveling outside of the city to shoot for luxury properties and some international brands. It was such a wholesome experience.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

Feel, think, get inspired, research, curate, and create. We draw attention to simpler, prettier, and authentic details while creating content for our brands. We feel it’s important to connect the brand with the people rather than over feed them with bland product descriptions and photographs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

-Growing & glowing!

What is Trouvaille’s USP?

Neat, minimalistic yet powerful content creation that connects to the heart and leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

How has social media impacted our lives in the past time?

In terms of marketing, Social media has knitted the world tighter than ever before. It has made the customer more aware of the options available to them. It has birthed more ideas, more talent, and great exposure in terms of what’s available in the market.

Instagram or Facebook?

Personal favourite- Instagram! Though, similar presence on both platforms works extremely well for some types of brands.

What would life be like if Pinterest did not exist?

A big, dark hole of uncertainty and hollowness!

A suggestion for someone who is starting up with a brand and has no idea about the basics of digital marketing?

Always understand your brand language and your product. Keep a theme and stick to it to create a USP for your brand. Something that people can recognise and follow up on. Post relevant content on your pages and be consistent. Engage with your customers. Seek help of a professional team so you can focus on the bigger project!

Well they are just two girl bosses building their empire, Kudos to Gurbani & Suhani’s Trouvaille


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