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Gulnar’s Jujuteh


We had talked about the word passion. The beauty of this seven letter word lies in the fact that it might just redefine your life. The Woman we are about to introduce you to is  a true whiz bang. A scientist by profession, Gulnar is a woman who is committed  to her own intuition. That is exactly how Gulnar’s Jujuteh was formed. Very few people have the spunk to go after something with whatever it takes and she is certainly one of them.

Jujuteh is a brand that speaks volumes of brilliance, artistic expertise and creative vision. Let’s Look at Gulnar’s Jujuteh.

What is a perfect evening for Gulnar?

A perfect evening for me is winding down after a long day, with a glass of wine, my IPad to create new designs and my dog cuddling with me. That’s just next level atonement.

Gulnar's Jujuteh

Please tell us a little about your journey?

Our journey started 2 years back. My very first design was that instant nudge which got things rolling. Since then there’s been no looking back.I left my 9 to 5 job as a Scientist (well more like 9 to 9 job) to follow my passions- art, helping people and shoes, and that’s when Gulnar’s Jujuteh was born!

When did you realise this was your true passion?

I have always loved art wholeheartedly, the way it sings to me has always been special. I actually wanted to go to art school but somehow got into science. I did find science to be a form of art- as I was doing my own experiments- it gave me the freedom to create and I love creating. Just this  one fine day sitting in the lab I gave it a random thought and sort of realised  I really wanted to follow my true passion. I just wanted to stay in that creative aura of art and fashion and help people as well.

Gulnar's Jujuteh

Please tell us about Jujuteh

Jujuteh is a brand that deals in handcrafted shoes form artisans in India. My designs are big, bold, chic and speak of uniqueness. It’s the best of art and travel inspo put together to create something funky and super dope yet pretty comforatbel.

My goal is to eventually showcase artisans from around the world- like Peru, Mexico etc. We do charity with our shoes, 5% of each shoe sale goes to a charity called Healing Little Hearts that does free heart surgeries for children around the world. Having lost my Dad to a heart condition, the cause is very near and dear to me.

What is your most treasured possession

My family! Material things don’t hold the same value as people in my life do 🙂

Gulnar's Jujuteh

What all hurdles came your way and what was the detrimental factor that kept you going?

It’s been quite a journey with ups and downs like every business has. The thing that has kept me going is my passion for what I do and for those smiles, when I see people loving my designs and supporting our cause.  To be honest it can get quite exhausting and intimidating but then you remember what makes your company unique. What fuels your sole?(pun intended ha) For me it’s what I want to do with Jujuteh. My goal is to help as many charities and people as possible in the name of fashion/art and have some fun while doing it!

Gulnar's Jujuteh

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Running a business with a one year old! I had a horrible pregnancy and my son was born prematurely. It has been quite challenging being a mother and a business woman at the same time but being headstrong  has kept me going. Plus life is all about balance!

What was your driving force once you had made a decision to start your brand?

My mum has always taught me to stand strong and never give in to failures. She has been and will always be the driving force behind whatever I do in life.

What is your idea of happiness?

Ah! I love this question. I actually converted to Buddhism in search of happiness and a better understanding of life. Let me quote something I read over and over-

“Relative happiness is happiness that depends on things outside ourselves, such as affluence or social standing. While the happiness such things bring us is certainly real, it shatters easily when external conditions alter. Absolute happiness, on the other hand, is something we must find within- Daisaku Ikeda”

I also believe that happiness also lies in helping others become happy.

Your favourite peice of work so far ?

Our “Doggy Day” shoes as they represent something personal- our two family dogs who have passed away. One is a pug, Dollar, on one foot and a Boston terrier, Bosco, on the other.

Heels or Flats

Flats! But once in a while gotta bring out the heels

French Vanilla or Caramel Macchiato

French vanilla!

What is the inspiration behind your work?

Art and my personal life. I like to show a bit of my self and my personality in my designs, and I absolutely love drawing/painting.

Gulnar's Jujuteh

The most rewarding moments so far

Honestly, whenever someone wears my shoes- be it a tv personality, a friend or any customer- it brings me pure joy, and is so rewarding to know that someone is wearing my shoes. It’s like seeing your art come to life!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words

Honest, funny, creative, loving and ambitious

Wishing this boss lady all the success, May Gulnar’s Jujuteh Achieve exactly what she wants it to.


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