Last Summer, I was bullied


Last summer, I was bullied. With bruises on my face, my knuckles cracked and my leg sprained, if the details help you believe me more. My eyes as black as their souls. My new mascara all smudged. It was brand new, the mascara. I had bought it just the day before.
Remember your words sis? What did you say?
Deal with it.
Life wanted to play a dirty game with me as I was on my way to class. As if things weren’t bad enough for me already, this guy thought he had the right to spank me.
I felt my soul living in a corrupted body.
I felt a fire inside to speak up for the wrong and I did but you hushed me?
What did you say? Forget it. There’s nothing you can do about it.
I had convinced my body and my mind to not seek help even though I desperately needed somebody to stand up for me since I’ve been robbed of the courage to do that on my own.
Then what was the solution?
The solution was courage itself. Courage to put that shiny blade against the right nerve and as it slowly pierced through my pale skin, it felt like I was getting rid of everything that had happened.
Letting all that pain flow out like my blood was.
I bid you farewell with a message on the wall.
A message because it was as loud as I could get.
From heaven’s above i saw you crashing on the couch.
Your tears couldn’t bring me back. Your promises to leave a better choice for me this time wouldn’t bring me back.
2 years after as i still watched you from above, your name flashed on the top of the list for the most empowered women of the era. That is when my soul was set to free. For a moment back there I really wished I could’ve done something myself when i was there. After all at the end of the day you gotta save your own self right?

Ashita vohra

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  1. Look at you, being this strong and fierce girl🥰inspiring and guiding me at every step. So proud of you and for the women you’re becoming❤️

  2. So beautifully expressed..!!

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